Kingdom Equestrian Tournament 1989

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Location: Dreiburgen
Ingalls Park in Norco
Date: 03/11/1989

Event Staff

  • Autocrat – Baroness Emerald
  • Contest – Lady Deanna

From the Crown Prints

Kingdom Equestrian Tournament

Equestrians of Caid, prepare to take the field! On Saturday, the 11th of March the Academy of Equestrian Arts shall present a splendid equestrian tournament featuring games, contest and test of skill. Beginning and experienced riders alike are invited to compete both in and out of the saddle. For those who choose not to ride, divers entertainments shall be presented!

This Grand exhibition shall take place at the Ingalls Park Equestrian Center in the barony of Dreiburgen, City of Norco. The site is frequently used for professional horse shows and features many pleasant amenities. Ample parking for wagons and trailers, shaded bleacher seating, a warmup arena, access to hillside and riverbottom trails, and grassy playground area for smalls are a few of these.

The Contests for the Day include:

For points towards Best Overall Rider, beginning, intermediate and advanced:

  • Tilting at the Rings
  • Jousting at the Quintain
  • Behead the Saracen
  • The Labyrinth

Just for Fun:

  • Rescue the Squire
  • Various and Sundry Races

For Everyone – you need not ride to enter!

  • Best Bardings
  • Best Horse Armour
  • Best Riding Costume
  • Best Decorated Horse

If you are interested in sponsoring a contest, please contact the Contest autocrat Handsome Prizes shall be awarded to the Best Overall Rider at all three levels!


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From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

Equest Academy medallion .JPG

What I remember is that when we saw that this event was in Norco we of The Dreiburgen Light Horse decided to dispense with our tradition of riding to local equestrian events. Though we had made the ten mile ride from House Montrose in Pedley to Norco before, a twenty mile round trip by horse tends to take up much of the day. In the interest of saving time we decided to trailer over two green broke horses that needed some show experience instead.

It was a good day for the Light Horse, we had a lot of fun and and won many of the days contests. Aladric of Litchfield took first in Behead the Enemy, Pig Sticking and Quintain. I still have the Academy medallion made by Baroness Emerald that I won for 1st place Ring Tilting displayed in my living room curio cabinet.


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