Heirs on the Range

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Written by Lady Briana MacCabe, on the occasion of the stepping down of Baron Secca of Kent and Baroness Meliora Deverel, 6th Baron and Baroness of Altavia, and the stepping up of Baron Cristofanus Castellani and Baroness Cecilia Medici, 7th Baron and Baroness of Altavia. Performed at Altavia Anniversary, May 2014

After a golden rule of five years the day was drawing nigh,

When Secca and Meliora would bid the thrones "Goodbye!"

They tried their best to prepare us all for a new baronial crew;

But there's no need to panic, they know just what to do.

CHORUS: Keep calm, fret not.

For heirs they have arranged

Keep calm, fret not.

It's just a little change

Keep calm, fret not.

Though you might think it strange.

Keep calm, fret not.

They found them on the range.

A Knight may bring us strength but they're always on the field;

And a Cook is always dealing with endless veggies that need peeled.

A Bard is only looking for an audience to hark;

But the heirs that they have found us always hit their mark.


An archer with a gentle smile will our baron be;

His lady, our new baroness, a knife-throwing beauty she.

Altavia is once again the happiest of lands;

For we're in Christoph and Cecelia's good and steady hands.


Heirs, heirs on the range,

Where the archers and thrown weapons play.

Where seldom is heard a non-chivalrous word

And the projectiles go sailing all day.