Gorlan of the Red Lands

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Resides: Drachenwald
Status: Unknown
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Azure, in saltire a spiked mace and a double-bitted axe, in chief five mullets and on a base embattled Or two mullets sable.

Lord Gorlan of the Red Lands received an Award of Arms on 07/24/1976 from Their Western Majesties Paul of Bellatrix and Carol of Bellatrix. He moved to Drachenwald in the mid-1990s.

Honours from Drachenwald

  • Sigillum Coronae (HRM Anna), 06/20/1998
  • Lindquistringes, 11/07/1998
  • Augmentation of Arms, 10/30/1999