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Most SCA events (other than meetings and practices) include games. These may be historical, modern interpretations of historical competitions, variations of modern games with a Renaissance/Medieval flavor, or modern games with historical elements. Some are not strictly games, but game-like activities.

The Inn of the Crimson Spade provides a place for gaming at events, and regularly hosts championship tournaments in chess and backgammon at baronial and shire anniversaries.

Games include

Board Games

  • Chess (an ancient board game typically played using modern rules)
  • Backgammon (an ancient board game typically played using modern rules)
  • Nine Men's Morris (a recreation of a Medieval game)
  • Cathedral (a modern board game with a Medieval theme)

Dice Games

  • Farkle (dice game with historical roots, typically played using modern rules)

Card Games

  • Playing cards have ancient roots, and modern "Poker deck" cards are graphically similar to historical decks. Reproductions of late-period and early-post-period playing card decks are available for purchase. Tarot decks were also used for gaming in the Medieval period.
  • See Tarots

Active Games

  • Bocce (an ancient, bowling-style game)

Combat Games

Other Games