Funky Sir Kolfinna

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Sir Kolfinna kottr
A Chronicle of Spring Crown Tourney A.S. XLII

Funky Sir Kolfinna

by Tone Deaf
(to the tune of Funky Cold Medina)

I’m chillin’ at the Erik, and I’m lookin’ for some action,
But like Duke Ivan said, “You might end up in traction,”
There’s Knights all around, but none that wanna fight me,
My kit is right, chainmail’s bright, Hark, what up in C-A-I-D,
These Knights I see standin’, at the other end of the field,
Lined up to fight, some bad-ass Knight, with three crescents on dat shield,
So I strolled over to see, why they ignorin’ this beginna’,
I ask Sir Guy, “Who made you die?” He said “Funky Sir Kolfinna.”

Funky Sir Kolfinna

I looked real surprised, so he said “Yep she’s a Chick.
Little Kolfinna will whup your ass, and the girl is deadly quick,
She’s better after alcohol, or if she’s had a nap,
A couple of fakes, then she’ll take a step, and kill you with her wrap.”
So I step in and try, and I give her my best shot,
She blocks with style, then gives a smile, damn her fight is hot.
I’m layin on the ground, They’re declarin’ her the winna’
Which is why the knights, line up to fight, Funky Sir Kolfinna.

Break it down

Ya know what I’m sayin’ – That Kolfinna’s a monster y’all.
Funky Sir Kolfinna

— Lord Secca de Cantia
... is Sir Kolfinna’s Squire, a poet in service to all who need him, and the beloved of the Lady Meliora.


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