Estrella War 2010

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Location: Atenveldt
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Estrella War 26


Greetings, Caid

After a great deal of serious consideration and consultation with Our Peers and Our populace, We came to the realization that the only way to heal the Rift that divides Our Kingdom from the Kingdom of Atenveldt is by somehow relieving the enmity and that has grown between us.

We are of the Hope that there will be less cause for strife if Caid does not participate in Estrella War as a principal kingdom but rather attends simply to enjoy the war, as other kingdoms do.

Therefore, if Estrella War is an event you enjoy, We urge you to go and do whatever you normally do. Fighters can still fight with the Army of Caid, artists can still attend classes and enter competitions, volunteers can still volunteer -- and earn money for their geographic units with their volunteer hours. The only difference is that Caid will not be one of the principal kingdoms. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Us.

Long Live Caid!

Edward II and Mora II

King and Queen of Caid


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