Dun Or Yule Tournament & Feast

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Location: Palmdale, CA
Date: 12/04/2004

The Barony of Dun Or is pleased to invite you to our Yule Feast and Tournament. This year the event will include a Masked Revel, with themed colors of Blue, Gold, Green and Silver.

Event Staff


  • Heavy Weapons, with consort of the day's winner to be declared "Queen of Love and Beauty" for the evening's festivities
  • Rapier, with the day's winner to be declared Lord or Lady of Misrule for the evening's festivities
  • Boffers
  • Games
  • Contest: Most Creative Mask
  • Contest: Mask Most in Keeping with the Evening's Colors
  • Contest: Mask Most in Keeping with the Yule Theme
  • Contest: Funniest Mask
  • Arts & Sciences Competitions, with People's Choice awarded
  • Yankee Gift Exchange (cost under $20 with gifts not suitable for children marked as such
  • Feast presented by the Cracked Pots Guild
  • Entertainment includes music, the Guild of Saint Genesius, and Faizah al-Zarqa and her troupe of belly dancers

Site Info

  • Tournament Site: Desert Sands Park, Palmdale, CA
  • Feast & Revel Site: Palmdale Cultural Center, Palmdale, CA

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