Call to the riders of Caid

From Compendum Caidis
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This poem was penned because Sven II and Kolfinna II added two new equestrian awards, the Chamfron and the Golden Lance, during their reign.

Composed in gratitude to Their Majesties, and as a call to the riders of Caid:

King and Queen, beloved of fair Caid:
Our joyous hearts sing forth around the World.
Let every rider know; let every steed
Feel pride; let every banner be unfurled.
In this Your Reign, our efforts have been blessed: No more shall skills and prowess be unknown.
New rolls of honor with new names impressed
Adorn fair Caid's halls and grace Her Throne.

So, riders, now respond in full pleasance:
Vow chivalry and honor by your name;
Earn by your deeds the Chamfron and the Lance;
Now win for your fair Kingdom greater fame.

--Aoibheall an Sionnach, 11/17/2008