Caidan Open Archery Tournament

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The Kingdom archery championship for Caid, started by The Honorable Lord Paganus Grimlove in 1992, approved as such by His Majesty Ivan the Illustrated. This competition is a double-elimination royal round tournament. The first regalia sword for the tournament was donated by Master Cameron of Caladoon and made by Master Atar Bakhtar. It was stolen from Roger Wells of Dragon's Bane, who commissioned Master Oso to make a replacement.

The current regalia for the handbow champion is that sword, which was named by the maker, with the permission of the populace, for the tournament's founder.

Crossbow was not a championship form until a later date (see Results Caid Archery Open). The regalia for the crossbow champion was a long dagger made by THL Roc of Wintermist. It went missing after 1998, and has not yet been replaced.