Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge 2007

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Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge
October 22 through December 31, 2007


This year's challenge started early because of the October wildfires affected the collection of hundreds of units of blood.

We had a total of 35 donations from October 22-December 31st. That means we may have saved 105 lives! Several of the donations were also platelet donations of double or even triple donations at a time!

I would like to thank everyone who donated this year and helped get the word out. I would also like to give a special thank you to Baroness Bridget of Altavia. She decided to take this challenge very personally and was so determined that Altavia win this year, that 5 of Altavia's 10 donations were her's! She wanted to give multiple times so she tried, for the first time, donating platelets (which lets you donate every 14 days...if you want to know more about platelet donations.

Thank you so much for your support in this. Remember, this year's extension was a *hopefully* one time thing due to the fires in get ready for next year when we are back to donations in December!

The winner of this year's Blood Donation Challenge is....Altavia with 10 donations!!!!

Group Credited # of Contributions
Altavia 10
Gyldenholt 7
Calafia 5
Darach 4
Caid 3
Angels 2
Isles 2
Lyondemere 1
Starkhafn 1

-- Lady Ysoude de Rochester
    Event Coordinator, Blood Donation Challenge