The Caid-Atenveldt Peace Mission

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Location: Atenveldt
Near Phoenix, AZ
Date: 02/12/1977-02/14/1977

This event began the partnership between Atenveldt and Caid which eventually led to the establishment of the Estrella War. The Declaration of Peace between the Principality of Caid and the Principality of the Sun was presented complete, except for the illumination of the initial letter. The Caidans declared it should be blue while the populace of the Sun insisted on red. Over this seemingly trivial matter, peace changed to hostilities and many melee scenarios were fought.

Eighteen Caidan fighters took the field beside their Prince, Martin the Temperate against some 28 Atenveldt fighters under Prince Ivan du Grae (who received tactical advice from Duke Richard of Mont Royal, aka Richard the Short). The Caidan forces were defeated in the open field battle. This was followed by a battle high up on a rocky desert hill. The final foray consisted of pick-up battles in which several Aten fighters switched over to even the sides.

Wisely, before closing court, Bjo of Griffin completed the peace pact with the initial letter emblazoned in red and blue, and it could finally be signed by both princes.

The following year was the first Burro Creek War.

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(December 1976)
His Highness, Ivan du Grae and I were firming up negotiations on the working of an accord of good will. However, His Highness, among other things, insists that the first letter of the scroll be illuminated in red. Of course, we all know that it should be blue, and we are preparing to prove it. Sharpen your swords and rim your shields.

(This event bids fair to becoming a national one.)

Saturday will be a mixed bag of fighting and melees, teams picked at random. That evening will be a time of reveling, bardic circling, and cementing friendships between the two principalities. On Sunday, we will decide which color should be used. -- Martin, Prince of Caid


In those days Viscont (later Duke) Gregory of York and I were "tourney bums" and "war dogs". We spent every weekend traveling from Calafia to any war or tournament available. I don't think I missed one in a 3 year period.

At this war, I camped with Mistress Flavia Beatrice Carmigniani and Master John ap Griffin. Their 10 year old daughter was a little sweetheart; and as I planned to fight in the next Coronet list and needed someone to fight for, on a "lark" I asked 10 year old Lorissa du Griffin if I could wear her favor. The rest is, as they say, history.

This occured there at Caid-Atenveldt Peace Mission, at Estrella Mountain Park; where over the years so many notable things in my life occured.

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