Robert Lanternsmith

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Preferred title: The Honorable Lord
Their Pronouns: he/him
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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THL Robert Lanternsmith was a Companion of the Order of Chiron, and a master bowman. He passed away in 2024.

Offices and Positions

  • Caid Archery Open Champion-Handbow, 04/15/1995
  • Caid Archery Open Champion-Crossbow, 04/14/1996
  • Caid Archery Open Champion-Handbow, 09/07/1997
  • Queen's Champion (archery), Karina, 11/22/1997-06/06/1998
  • Caid Archery Open Champion-Handbow, 04/22/2000
  • Queen's Champion (archery), Una, 12/15/2002-05/31/2003
  • Queen's Champion (archery), Kolfinna, 06/06/2004-11/1/2006
  • Queen's Champion (archery, crossbow), Faizeh, 11/12/2006-06/02/2007
  • Archery Champion, Angels, 2008

Crown Prints Cover art

Classes Taught


  • Archery – IKAC: 2003 – Open Division: Recurve
  • Archery – SSAC: 14B YinYang, 2014 – Spring: Open Handbow
  • Archery – SSAC: 15D Matching, 2015: Open Handbow
  • Archery – GAT: Handbow – December 2015


From Esmeralda Shaporka

Robert Lanternsmith (AKA Bob McAllen) passed away at 9 p.m. on Friday, June 14th [2024], after living a long, very full life. There is so much about him that was special, it is hard to know where to begin.

Bob was multifaceted gem. Many only knew a little of who and what he was. – an award-winning water color artist, an architect, an amazing musician who played guitar, banjo, sang, a songwriter, a story teller/writer, and a stubborn, tough but soft hearted soul. In the SCA, he was probably best known as an expert archer who was awarded the status of Chiron many years ago. He not only shot well, but made his own arrows, costumes, and created a number of targets for SCA archery events

He was also my partner for over 20 years. I will miss sharing my life with him for a long time.