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The Kingdom Scriptorium is an semi-regular workshop aimed at finishing scrolls and teaching scribal arts. It is generally held the second Sunday of the month, at Collegium Caidis and at some events throughout the year. Contact the Scribe Armarius for more information.

The Kingdom Scriptorium provides scribal training and the opportunity to work on award scrolls, especially for those not ready to take on a full assignment on their own. Below are some of the scrolls worked on by the Kingdom Scriptorium over the years.

If you know the specific illuminator or calligrapher who worked on any of these scrolls, please drop a note to Aliskye Rosel at User talk:aliskye or via email to


Image Preview Award Recipient
Scriptorum31.JPG Award of Arms Bevin Fraser of Sterling
Scriptorum25.JPG Award of Arms Cassaundra Igraine of Gwynedd
Scriptorum17.JPG Award of Arms Edward de Anvil
Coronation summer 2016 14.jpg Award of Arms Fallan of Hathyrwyk
Coronation summer 2016 14a.jpg Detail of Award of Arms Fallan of Hathyrwyk
Scriptorum24.JPG Award of Arms Ivar Krigsvin
Coronation June AS 50--13.jpg Award of Arms Luca Serafini da Firenze
Scriptorum28.JPG Award of Arms Martin the Temperate
Scriptorum37.JPG Award of Arms Meagan Windemere of Oakwood
Scriptorum34.JPG Award of Arms Randall Llewellyn Alyson
12th Night 2016 31.jpg Award of Arms Roderick Usher
12th Night 2016 31a.jpg Detail of Award of Arms Roderick Usher
Scriptorum53.JPG Crescent Sword Guillaume de Belgique
Scriptorum49.JPG Crescent Sword Njal Grimmsson
Scriptorum19.jpg Harp Argent Aurelia Vipsania Gallio
Scriptorum36.JPG Harp Argent Carynsa Leland of Roseberry
Scriptorum13.JPG Harp Argent Catriona nicChlurain
Scriptorum4.JPG Harp Argent Duryn the Red
Scriptorum32.JPG Harp Argent Jane de Sealynn
Coronation summer 2016 17.jpg Harp Argent Madelyn Alcott
Coronation summer 2016 17a.jpg Detail of Harp Argent Madelyn Alcott
Scriptorum50.JPG Harp Argent Robert Carpentarius
Scriptorum42.JPG Knight Glyn ap Rhodri