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Founded: 2015
Status: Active


Kinderholt is the affectionate collective name for a group of children who were all born around the same time in Gyldenholt, starting with the first child born in 2015. They are like a close-knit family, as our families have a strong bond. These children have grown up together and share a special connection, resembling siblings in their interactions. We see them as the future of our organization and the continuation of our activities.

The children of Kinderholt belong to the households of The Caravan of Wonders and The Tavern of Lost Souls and play in Gyldenholt as well as Dreiburgen.


In days of old, when families were close,

And friendship forged in steel and love alike,

There sprang Kinderholt, a blessed dose

Of love and joy that lit our days and nights.

Their bond, like towers, built strong and tall,

A fortress of friendship, unbreakable in all,

Their roots, like orange trees, deep and true,

An anchor of hope, our legacy anew.

Their love, unbreakable like iron chains,

Forged through the years of games and quarrels too,

Is what gives strength and hope to our domains,

And lights the path to all we long to do.

So let us nurture their tender branches with care,

For they are the future we long to bear,

Through their youthful spirit, our dream shall thrive,

As Kinderholt, our story comes alive.