Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux

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Baron Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux.jpg
Baron Jared
Preferred title: Baron
Their Pronouns: he/him
Resides: Middle
Status: Deceased
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Sable, an annulet vert fimbriated argent, overall a sword fesswise point to sinister Or
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Baron Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux was a longtime resident of Caid from its earliest days. He passed away in June 2024.


Offices & Positions


  • Kingdom Constable, 1985
  • Kingdom Avant Courier
  • Deputy Kingdom Tabellarius Electrum for Caidan History history.sca-caid.org, ?-2009


  • Deputy Marshal, Barony of the Angels, 1992-93
  • Seraph Pursuivant Herald, Barony of the Angels, ?-9/12/2009
  • Court Scribe, Barony of the Angels



  • Charter Member, Barony of Vielburgen, Kingdom of the East, 1974
  • Founding member, Guild of Saint Genesius, 1984

Event Staff

  • Feast Master, Calafia Anniversary 1976
    • Feast Master, Caid 12th Night 2000, Altavia
  • Feast Cook
    • Luncheon, Leodamas of Thebes Tourney 1977
    • Pentecost Feast, Lyondemere 05/20-21/1978
    • Feast of Fools, Lyondemere 03/29/1980
    • All-Fools & Procrastinators Tourney, Darach 07/30/1983
    • Altavia Anniversary & Investiture, 1983
    • Kingdom Twelfth Night, Lyondemere, 1984
    • Feast Cook & Committee Member, Kingdom Twelfth Night, Altavia, 1985
    • Altavia Anniversary, 1985
    • Kingdom Twelfth Night, Angels, 1986
    • Angels XXth Anniversary, 1993
    • Subteltie Chef and Breakfast/Lunch Cook, Kingdom 12th Night, Angels 01/14/1995
    • Feast Cook and Subteltie Chef, Ivan IV and Anastasiia, 06/06/1998
    • Black Oak Lodge 2000
    • Black Oak Lodge 2001, Darach, 03/09-11/2001
    • Black Oak Lodge 2002, Darach, 03/22-24/2002
    • Kingdom Twelfth Night 2003 Altavia, 01/04/2003
  • Auctioneer, Crown Prints Prize Tourney, 07/07/2001

Classes Taught

Projects & Publications

  • Performer, Guild of Saint Genesius
    • “Beast/Shogun” in “Beauty and the Shogun” kabuki style performance, Japanese Tourney 1984
    • “Il Dottore” in one commedia, and “Capitano” in another, 1987-1989
    • Original “Stickjock Rhinohide” in “Our Kind”, 1991
    • Original “Duke Paragon the Perfect”, in “Mistress Laurel Seamchecker Explains It All At You” 1993; reprised GWW VI, 2002
    • Title character, “El Cid”, Twelfth Night, 1994
  • Graphic arts for Kingdom webpage and Crown Prints
  • Cover artist, Ars Caidis, 11/2003, 06/2004, 01/2005


How I Found the SCA

Jared and I were on opposite sides of the fence on sooooo many things, yet we remained friends and respectful of each other. He had strong opinions and stood by them no matter what the consequences, and I respected that. This all being said, I will give him the best compliment I know, and I believe it true: Jim was a kind man. ~Edwin