Interim Crown Tournament and Coronation

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Wilhelm II and Tsyra
Location: Al-Sahid
Date: 3/10/2018

Following the abdication of Athanaric II and Sigriðr II in January, Duchess Faizeh al-Zarqa was elected Regent of Caid. She held a tournament to determine an interim crown to serve the remainder of the reign. This then would be followed the next day by Spring Crown Tournament 2018 to select heirs to the crown following the interim reign.

In the final round, Wilhelm Skallagrimsson, fighting for Tsyra tsheere Nanoup, defeated Duke Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi'. Wilhelm II and Tsyra were awarded wreaths of roses and rosemary and became al-Caid and Lady Caid. This was followed one half hour later with their coronation as the 81st King and Queen of Caid.


  • This was a historic event, completely focused on selection of an interim crown.


From Lachlan of Cromarty

It was a cool day with sprinkling rain on and off through the day.

Baronial seats ringed the gold and blue barriers around the lyst. From my vantage point very near the final combat, Count Wilhelm and Duke Mansur fought honorably and well, with excellent communication between the two. It was dead silent around the lyst. Besides a distant bell, all that one could hear was sound of combat, including the fighters heavy breathing and clear words. Count Wilhelm won two straight combats against Mansur, though I think it took a toll on the victor as well. I could clearly see Wilhelm's gauntlet quivering.

Following the second combat, the fighters doffed their helms. Tsyra came out and embraced her champion. Then Regent Faizeh stepped into the list and immediately the victors were declared al-Caid and Lady Caid.

Coronation was cramped with everyone trying to stay out of the drizzle as much as possible. His Majesty received his crown from the Regent. Her Majesty received her crown from His Majesty. The Regent then asked to be relieved of her duties, and that was immediately granted.


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