I Love Caid, I Am Caid

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Originally written at Estrella War 2009 and first performed at Caidan court there by Eilidh Swann.

The Original Verses by Eilidh Swann

I am the brewer, the maker of meads
I am the horseman, the keeper of steeds
I am the pikeman who's holding the line
I am the camp mom with breakfast on time

I love, I love Caid (3x)
I am, I am Caid

I am the Duke, I'm the Count, I'm the King
I am the Duchess, the Countess, the Queen
I am the Baron and Baroness, too
And I am the newest of new


I am the archer who's fletchings are true
I am the dyer of indigo blue
I have a toddler in his very first cloak
And I'm just an old pirate bloke


I am the writer, the teller of deeds
I am the artisan working in beads
I am the potter who's working in clay
And I am the constable working all day...and night


I am the swordsman with steel sharp and bright
I am the dancer who shimmies all night
I am the bartender filling your beer
And I make my enemies fear


I am the seamstress with beautiful clothes
I'm the commander with fighters in rows
I am the painter in every bright hue
And I'm not exactly like you



Additional verses are welcome. Please feel free to write your own personal verses, household verses, lines for your Barony or Shire, for your friends, for yourselves. Please also feel free to add them here, and the authors (if you choose).

As for me, my personal favorite line is the last one in the original verses: "And I'm not exactly like you..." so I tend to prefer that this be the last line sung. But of course, songs shift and grow once they've gone out there. I cannot control them, just gift them. Sincerely, Dame Eilidh Swann

Additional Verses

Please add your contributions.

By Eilidh Swann

I am the merchant, working hard at my booth
I'm the barbarian, who's slightly uncouth
I camp with my household, my barony, my shire
I like to sing late 'round the fire


I've friends to stand with me to face every fight
I have a place where I sing every night
I run the games where your fortunes are made
At the Inn of the Crimson Spade


By Avenel Kellough

I am a Cavalier, I'm a Roman in shorts,
I'm a brave Scotsman that raids south for groats,
I'm a fine Hussar, I'm a Pict at the Wall,
and I'm from, well, no where at all, but...


By Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg

I am the scribe with ten black-stained fingers
We are the four-part madrigal singers
We are the CRAC artillery flingers
I am the jewelry blinger


I am the dancer pavan'ing all night
I do it to the left and to the right
I am the autocrat, finder of sites
I plan out the day's delights


I am the feast cook, who feeds all the folks
I am the jester, the teller of jokes
I am the herald, whose call does invoke
I am the sleeper who he woke


Inspired by Aran Darkhelm, written by Eilidh Swann

I am the marshal, the fighters are safe
When I watch out for children, each wandering waif
I am the herald, who calls out who's won
We meet in shade, the marshals in sun


By Morgaine FitzStephen

I am the Autocrat, Lysts, and the Gate
Frantic to make sure that nothing runs late
Working for everyone behind the scene
So everyone can have a Dream


The Music Score

This is a simplified version of the music. In real life, it's sung with a bit of synchopation.

Just the chorus

I Love Caid chorus.png

Just a verse example

I Love Caid verse.png

3 verses and choruses

I Love Caid.png


Video on YouTube by Viscountess Elashava, from Northshield, recorded at Gulf Wars 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKiAV9-k3nc

Videos on Photobucket recorded by Vitasha at Festival of the Rose, July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/m385ya and http://tinyurl.com/nsdhfh