Households and Warbands

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Households and Warbands are non-official groups formed by members of the populace. To see all the Households and Warbands listed on this site, visit the Households and Warbands Category.

Naming Conventions

Households and Warbands can also be called Clans, Alliances, Companies, War Units, Ships, and more.

Corpora Description

According to the Corpora (10/1/07), Section I. General, E. Unofficial Entities

"In many kingdoms, there are groups in which many people participate but which are not formally recognized by the Society. These can range from highly structured guilds to loosely associated camping groups. Entities that fall into this category can have many names, including but not limited to households, guilds, ships, and clans. Although these entities are not recognized by the Society in any formal way, some kingdoms have awards that can be given to these groups. Because they are not official Society groups, unofficial entities cannot sponsor Society events."

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