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==Event Staff==
==Event Staff==
Autocrats: [[Kiena le Blue]] & [[Aidrean na Catt Bainean]]& [[Fergal MacCome]]
Autocrats: [[Kiena le Blue]] & [[Aidrean na Catt Bainean]] & [[Fergal MacCome]]
==From the Crown Prints==
==From the Crown Prints==

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Event Staff

Autocrats: Kiena le Blue & Aidrean na Catt Bainean & Fergal MacCome

From the Crown Prints

Once again we come together to celebrate our beloved patron saint, Saint Corrigan. We will gather for the weekend long event in hopes that St Corrigan might FINALLY make an appearance! However, his last known wanderings had him bound for the tropics. In celebration of this sighting, break our your grass skirt and Hawaiian print viking apron dress and please come and join us for the weekend in the cool shade of lovely Hurkey Creek Park, where we will create our own tropical oasis. Festivities will begin with camping Friday night and end with teardown Sunday morning. The weekend will included all the activities you know and love, like Sheep Rugby, Sack The Town, a Bear Pit and other scenarios for armored and rapier combatants. And what would St Corrigan’s day be without multiple games for the entire populace such as Gnome Bowl-ing, Hunkerhauser, Jumper Jousting and/or more equally silly and fun activities. We’ll end the day with baubling, campfires and storytelling at night. We encourage those interested in the bardic arts to regale the populous with tails of St. Corrigan’s adventures as he continues his attempt at finding the park.

There will also be a raffle with the proceeds going to the Canton of Gallavally. If you have any items you feel you might want to donate to the raffle please contact Aidrean or Blue. You do not have to attend the event to donate. It would be much appreciated.


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