Fall Longsword/Greatsword Tourney 2008

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Greatsword combat
Location: Buddy Todd Park
Oceanside, CA
Summergate, Calafia
Date: 11/01/2008

Ghendra Akari was the event steward.

From the Crown Prints

Let all know well that we, The Canton of Summergate, do fervently believe in the ideals of the tournaments, the noble deeds of arms, and all that is Chivalrous. Thusly, we ever and foremost strive to bring honor to the one that inspires us. We request that all who may shall arm and clothe yourselves, as would your ancient ancestors of the 14-16th century.

The activities will take place at Buddy Todd Park, 3000 Mesa Drive, Oceanside CA 92054.

The site will open at 8:00 am. Weapons inspection will begin at 9:00 am. Opening Court will begin about 10:00 am with the List to close shortly thereafter. The site will close at 5:00 pm.

Competitions: There will be two Armored Lists – one for Long Sword and one for Great Sword. The winner of each list will do combat against the other for the overall winner of the day.

Additional prizes will be awarded for those who best use the techniques described by the Period Masters. We invite those who wish to present their best heraldic display to do so. Prizes will be also awarded to those consorts who most inspire their fighters. There will be a rapier list that will also be single sword only. There will be Unarmored Combat and Youth Combat.

Armored Combat Rules of the Day: Each bout will be with a single two-handed sword, where Long Swords will be from 44” to 60” and Great Swords between 60” and 90”. No shorter secondary weapons will be allowed. Shields or bucklers will not be allowed. Pole weapons, such as glaives, pole axes and spears will not be allowed. All weapons must be proportional to a period European Long Sword or Great Sword with the hilt approximately 1/3 the length of the overall weapon.

All weapons will be inspected prior to use and must be in good repair. Some loaner weapons and gauntlets will be available for use. Authorizations will be available before the lists.

Lunch will be available for a nominal fee. Youth activities are planned. Other activities will be announced on site.


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