Fall Coronation and Investiture Tournament 1976

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Martin and Arabella process to their coronation
Talanque is visible in the foreground
Location: Isles
Tucker's Grove Park
Santa Barbara, CA
Date: 11/20/1976

The Coronation of Martin and Arabella as Prince and Princess of the Principality of Caid.

Event Staff


From the Crown Prints

(From the December 1976 issue of Ye Crown Prints, the Unofficial Newsletter of Ye Principality of Caid))

The sixth Investiture Tourney and Ceremony was held in the Barony of the Isles on November 20. We have been having a run of good weather in Caid and last Saturday was no exception. In attendance from outside were: Their Western Majesties Kevin Perigrynne and Patrice di Coeur Fidel, Their Royal Highnesses (West) Andrew of Riga and Patrice d'Cilla, Duke William of Hoghton, Baroness Kathea verKaeysc, Baroness Matriana du Cameliard, Sir Iain of Cawdor Earl Marshall of the West, Sir William the Lucky and the lady Tamsin of the Raven Tresses, Sir William Gordon of York and Mistress Michaela de Neuville, Lord Stone of Stonecroft (West Kingdom Seneschal) and Lady Kreimhild of Stonecroft (Keeper of the Master Calendar West), Lord Wilhelm von Messer and his lady wife as representatives of their An Tirean Highnesses Prince Theodulf of Borogrove and princess Anne of Caerdydd, Lord Christopher of Hoghton, Lady Alyson of Hoghton, Lady Boverk of Momchilivich, the lady Esmeralda, and Steen Halbersson squire to Crown Prince Andrew. (Ask Baron Sir Waldt about Boverk being here as a hostage from Lion's Gate.1

At the tourney site there was an informal opening court for announcements, and the lists followed immediately. Competition was with two weapons or one two-handed weapon. Fighting was very fierce although the lists were small, and the winners were Viscount Gregory of York and Lord Robear du Bois. Queen Patrice di Coeur Fidel made a progress around the field, giving each lady in attendance a carnation. She was most enchanted with the newest member of the Principality, the son of Melanie de la Flamme (he is about one week old!) Her Royal Highness Princess Kelly2 was staying with her grandparents and we think the Queen missed her daughter!

Early in the afternoon the tourney broke up and everyone proceeded into the hall (some of us via a cold shower - well, there wasn't hot water!) The multifluous entries in the 30-odd contests ringed the room, displayed on tables. It was fascinating to watch the "grown-ups" as avidly involved with the coloring contest as the children! (Mistress Bjo did point out that next time the adults would have to be warned against hogging the red and yellow crayons. No comment.) At the final court of Prince Morven and Princess Bevin, Lady Cristobal presented those assembled on the dais with her very famous fudge (the one for Their Majesties was done in the shape and design of the Kingdom. We also noted that the plate of fudge was GONE by the end of the evening!) Lady Cristobal had also made napkins for Their Caidan Highnesses with the initials "M" and "B" embroidered on them respectively.

There then ensued the first "oddity" of the evening. Lord Charles of Dublin came forward, bowed to the Royalty assembled there, and proceeded to pick up and "toss" over his shoulder Al Caida, Lady Arabella! Suddenly, out sprang Sir Martin with a shirt on that read "Duke Savage" on the back. He proceeded to do mimed battle with Lord Charles (who had put Lady Arabella down by now). Lord Charles was only conquered in the end by an amazing feat of gurning on the part of Sir Martin. When some semblance of order was returned to the hall, Court continued. Lady Mary Taran of Glastonbury was installed as Scribe Provost of Caid. Lord Eadmond du Battlemont passed on the job and mantle of the Principality Seneschalate to Lady Gabrielle nicChlurain.

Lord [[Robert MacChlurain of the Isles and the members of Darach presented Their Highnesses with their viscountal coronets, and also two scepters to be added to the regalia of Caid. Baron Piers Howells de Cambria and Baroness Ximena Aubel de Cambria5 presented Al Caid, Sir Martin, and Al Caida, Lady Arabella with new silver goblets. (Lady Arabella's was contaminating her drinking and Sir Martin's--well, let us just say it was not befitting a new prince.) The Griffin Freehold presented Their Highnesses with a plate full of you know what4, topped with a Cookie Monster handpuppet.) Master John ap Griffin and Mistress Bjo of Griffin gave Their Highnesses each a rutilated quartz gem. (If you can keep your hands in your pockets, ask Mistress Bjo to show you her semi-precious gemstones sometime!) Master John presented a bottle of wine to Their Highnesses Andrew of Riga and Patrice d'Cilla, and to Their Majesties they presented a box of trim with hearts in varying designs, colors, and sizes (Her Majesty collects them in case you could not guess from her veil, her costume, or her name!)5 and a beautiful cut coin of a knight on horseback that was done by the lady Janeann. His Majesty had been making eyes at it back in the fall, and was told it had been sold--but notto whom! Surprise!

Princess Bevin presented elegant medieval bookplates to Janeann, Kerisa of Silverwolf, and Arekose Dragasus for their hunting attire at the Quest/Hunt several weeks ago. Her Highness also gave beautiful rings to Lady Anna McAyre, Lady Mary Taran, Lady Gabrielle, Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir6, and Lord Gwydiaan am y'Gorlwyn as tokens of her thanks for the service they rendered to her and His Highness during their reign.

Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway and Cameron of Caladoon received Awards of Arms. Unfortunately, due to the ill-health of their fire dragons, both were unable to attend, and were represented by Baroness Alison von Markheim and Mistress Louise of Woodsholme. Duke Aonghais Dubh MacTarbh took Eoin MacChlurain of Northmarch, son of Lord Robert, as his squire. The squire's oath was administered by His Majesty King Kevin, and Eoin was presented with a new surcoat by Duke Aonghais.

Correction here: During Grand March, the really first curious event occurred. Three "ladies" who bore faint resemblances to Lady Catriona, Lady Sine, and Lady Cadhla came forward. They looked more like charwomen--in fact, one of them said she was the washerwoman for Lady Catriona who was at home in her castle with her hands in beefsteak to make them whiter. Well, the tall red-headed one with a name something like Widsitha the Mad O'Roarke was dragged reluctantly up the aisle, proceeded to jump onto Prince Morven's lap and give him a kiss, give Crown Prince Andrew a kiss, and flee the hall. During the presentations, this same young woman came forward and gave Princess Bevin a small bouquet of wilted field flowers and a necklace of pop-tops, and gave Prince Morven a bag of semi-sweet, semi-melted chocolate chips. Where were the constables????

Lord Gwydiaan and Lady Anna gave Their Highnesses a bottle of sweet wine. Alexander Graylorn gave His Highness two large chocolate chip cookies that were topped with a HUGE CHOCOLATE CHIP. (Who is going to pay His Highness' dental bills???)

Then, in what had to be the serious highlight of the afternoon court, Baron Waldt von Markheim was knighted by His Majesty. Prince Morven gave the new knight his knight's chain. It was a very exciting moment and there is no truth to the rumor that Baroness Alison could not take notes due to the sudden onrush of precipitation around the eyes. Yours truly had a little difficulty for a similar, but totally unfounded, reason!

Continuing with more presentations, the little scullery maid who looked like Lady Singing Hands presented Their Majesties and Their Caidan Highnesses with plates of Lady Sine's fantastic shortbread. Lord Cameron of Caladoon, via Mistress Louise of Woodsholme, sent Their Caidan Highnesses two ancient coins. Arekose Dragasus mentioned the formation of the Caid Cavalry. He said that any Society members can go out to the Hagman Equestrian Center in the San Fernando Valley, rent a horse, and he will give them free riding lessons. (I heartily recommend this. It's a lot of fun, Arekose is a patient person, and it's good exercise. However, if you are a novice rider, do it on a Saturday to give yourself time to recuperate!)

After court, people returned to their coloring and observing of contest entries, and conversation, and listening to a flute-guitar-violin trio (Karin von Schatten, a new member who doesn't have a society name yet--mundane name is Ken, and the lady Patrick.) Ioannes Leckie set up his tape system and there was music for dancing. The kitchen provided a delicious hors d'oeuvres of hot, homemade vegetable soup.

The final event at the afternoon court was the announcement by Lord Eadmond du Battlemont of his engagement to Lady Cristobal degli Glicine che Mangia Uome, and their marriage on April 9, 1977 (complete and full medieval wedding, of course). He presented her with an exquisite box of inlayed metal work done by the same artisan who had made the coronets of the Baron and Baroness of Calafia.

Then it was time for the banquet. What a spread! The vegetable station: cold raw vegetables, broccoli & cauliflower salad (Lady Su, olives, cherries soaked in kirsch, tabouli (Baroness Ximena, macaroni salad, fruit salads, gelatine salads. Soup/stew station: vegetable soups, a luscious thick stew soup (Lady Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Cedric the Dark ate 5 bowlsful while he was serving!), and 3 or 4 other steaming vats of things. Rice--at least 4 kinds here. Lord Stone of Stonecroft's famous chili (shredded beef on rice garnished with slices of avocado, red onion, bell pepper & tomato) for which you need a waiver! The first bit isn't bad, the first swallow is dynamite! Little meat balls wrapped in pastry (please send recipe!) Great trenchers of bread, including an onion rye baked by Duryn the Red (talented fellow), a puree of yams with brandy (Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg), a pan of fresh roasted rabbit (compliments of Lord David the Ironlivered), and mulled cider and lemonade. I have undoubtedly left something out! Dessert was fresh fruit, cheese, and a panoply of cookies and sweet breads and fruitcakes. . . . . . Groan.

After the banquet had been cleaned up and the chairs rearranged, we were entertained by a short puppet show medieval variation of "Who's On First" by those masters(?) of comedy, Lord Renfield) and Lord Mouice the Insane. Then it was time for the Investiture.

Prince Morven and Princess Bevin were in matching outfits of light teal blue with a trim of gold, teal, and cranberry. Each had a beautiful cranberry-colored sash, and Prince Morven's undertunic was of the same color. The outfits were designed and executed by Her Highness. At their final Closing Court, Cedric the Dark received his Award of Arms. Ann Christopher of Cheshire presented Prince Morven with a banner, the front of which was his arms (checky gules and or, a bear segeant erect proper) and the back was as follows: Or, a seme of chocolate chips proper, a Cookie Monster segeant erect proper. Ann dubbed the material "Morven cloth" and His Highness pointed out that it was "Terry" cloth as well (tee hee).7

Duke Aonghais presented His Highness with a clay pipe. Lyrel Philippa of Essex gave His Highness a plate of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and Lady Mary and Duke Aonghais gave Her Highness the first half of the Norris book of costume photocopied (oh, sigh! that is a sigh of jealousy--it is the first half of the book on the Tudor period which came out in two volumes.)

Sir Martin the Temperate was attired in a stunning outfit of a cinnamon-colored satin undertunic and a metallic brocade overtunic with laced sleeves. He also wore russet-colored tights and gold shoes. The outfit was designed and executed by Lord Alewaulfe the Red who is also the Seneschal of the Barony of the Angels AND did the embroidery on the mantles of Caid AND Lady Eyana's banner AND taught a machine embroidery class at Ithra that they practically had to pry the people out of their seats to get them to leave. House Irini & Griffin Freehold purchased the textiles & accessories for the Prince & Princess' costumes as Investiture gifts. Lady Arabella wore a beautiful gown that she and her sister, Baroness Ximena Aubel de Cambria had made. It was Florentine 16th c. The underdress was brown, gold & silver brocade with silver cuffs that had been jewelled; the overdress was dark brown velvet, trimmed with gold lace, pearls, and rhinestones. Lady Maria Alysaundre de Rohese wore a court coat of green, red, and gold brocade over a tissue cloth-of-gold dress; Lord Guillym Avery of Royse wore a tunic of the same brocade over white tights. Both of these costumes were made by the Princess and the Baroness.8

After the Investiture Ceremony, presentations were made. Jared Blaydeaux gave His Highness a large bull with a small frying pan in a very salient place (no comment).9 Lord Randolph the Devious and his lady wife Janeann said that they had promised Prince Martin a 25-year-old bottle of Chivas Regal, but Lord Randolph said that he would have to be satisfied with two 12-year-old bottles. His Highness said that he would try to be (right!) Griffin Freehold and House Irini presented His Highness with a cut coin by lady Janeann of a knight on horseback & tiger's eye necklace & earrings for Princess Arabella.

As representatives from An Tir royalty, Lord Wilhelm von Messer presented Prince Martin with a glass 'orb' of Forbidden Fruit liquor. Lord Gwydiaan and Lady Anna presented His Highness with a 4-pak of Guiness Stout. Via Griffin Freehold, His Highness received a "futuristic novel" by Georgette Heyere from John Hertz and his wife. Baron Talanque and Baroness Rowen Lynn of Woodvine presented Her Highness with lace trim (there is no truth to the rumor that Baroness Ximena was heard to exclaim, "I know where she keeps her material!") and His Highness with a beautiful print of Edward V.

His Highness declared Alexander Graylorn, Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir, Duryn the Red, and Lord Alewaulfe to be Image Makers of Caid during his and Arabella's reign.

The Griffin Freehold presented His Majesty with a dancing "boy" who resembled Lord Robear du Bois in a state of great dishabille (this was so that Her Majesty would not feel left out because His Majesty had received a dancing girl at his coronation. However, King Kevin was heard to remark "Hey, mine didn't dance and hers does!") The Freehold also presented His Highness with his very own dancing girl, who must be the alternate persona of Lorissa du Griffin. (This is precedent for this, ask the Baroness of Lion's Gate, Amanda Kendal.)10 His Majesty pointed out that blond dancing girls were very hard to come by these days.

Darach presented Prince Martin with the newest member of his Principality who looked like a little red wyvern (in truth, it was the son of Melanie de la Flamme). The evening ended with reveling and congratulations to both the new Prince and Princess, and the newest Viscount and Viscountess.

P.S. House von Regensburg presented Morven and Bevin with beautiful calendars for 1977. Lady Su of the Silver Horn gave Morven a bag of un-melted chocolate chips and a "felt tipped pen" calligraphed recipe for said cookies for use "when you are off the throne and nobody is making cookies for you anymore." (Now, Su. . . )

--Written by Fiona Gregorovna


  • 1 Visit West Kingdom Who's Who for details on these guests
  • 2 Refers to Their Western Majesties' daughter, not to the Crown Princess
  • 3 Baroness Ximena and Viscountess Arabella are real-world sisters
  • 4 Chocolate chip cookies, Sir Martin's favorite
  • 5 Patrice di Coeur Fidel = Patrice of the Faithful Heart
  • 6 Mistress Joan's name is based on Dorothy Dunnett's Francis Crawford of Lymond novels (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymond_Chronicles) and not the famous actress
  • 7 Viscount Sir Morven's modern first name is Terry
  • 8 Lady Maria and Lord Guillym are Viscountess Arabella's real-world children
  • 9 To clarify, it was a ceramic bull, not a real one!
  • 10 Sadly, Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland passed away in 2011 (http://history.westkingdom.org/Memoriam/AmandaKendal.htm)

Arts Fest

(Printed in the December 1976 issue of Ye Crown Prints, the Unofficial Newsletter of Ye Principality of Caid)

When the idea first dawned to have a giant Arts Fest by combining the Calafia and Angels contests to help form a Principality-wide Arts Fest for coronetting, we did not know how big it could get! Lady Cristobal and myself1 were willing to combine our contest ideas to help the project, with others being added as time went on. So by the data of Investiture, there were 34 contests! We had no idea how many of these would succeed; the day was, in fact, more successful that we could have hoped for. There were some glitches, including not realizing how long it would take to announce all the winners, but aside from these problems, the Arts Fest was very successful.

1 - Fighting Tabards. Sponsor: Lady Su of the Silver Horn
1st place: Lady Ann Christopher of Cheshire for Lord Charles of Dublin's heraldic tabard. Prize: glitter chiffon & brocade.
2nd place: Lady Anna McAyre of Gorabh for Lord Gwydiaan am y'Gorlwyn's tabard. Prize: black velvet.

2 - No-Embroidery. Sponsor: Lady Su of the Silver Horn
1st place: Baroness Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch for a beaded headdress. Prize: 500+ sew-on rhinestones.

3 - Calligraphy.
Postponed due to lack of entries.

4 - Games. Sponsor: Canton of the Canyons
Lady Fiona Gregorovna had the only entry, so the prize, a hawk-shaped kite, was awarded as an "E" for effort. The contest will be run again at another date.

5 - Design a Medieval Beast. Sponsor: Corinne Criss
Won by a trio: Baron Waldt von Markheim, Lord Renfield of the Inland March, & Lord Eric von Rheinhausen for a Letching Beast, a truly Medieval allegorical beast!

6 - Construct a Menu. Sponsor: Mistress Bjo of Griffin
1st place: Lady Fiona Gregorovna for her 17th c. 12th Night Banquet. Prize: A bottle of old wine & a sub to Ye Medieval Spread
2nd place: Lady Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg for a 15th c. English Wedding Feast
3rd place: Lady Guinevere Elspeth Malyn for a 12th c. Birthday Banquet
Entered by 4 people, all of whom did a fantastic job on their research & presentation: each menu was made into a booklet! Special mention for Lady Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon's "Dragon's Feast"" (a banquet for dragons!) All entries have their choice of a year's sub to Ye Medieval Spread or to the Crown Prints2 (When we have room in the CP, we'll publish these yummy menus & recipes, too!)

7 - Jewelry. Sponsor: Master John ap Griffin
A 3-way tie: 2 pieces by Lady Hedgia du Loup (a scarab ring & a breastplate) and a cut coin by Janeann. Cabochon gems were given to both.

8 - Dietetic Medieval Munchies
Contest was cancelled for lack of entries or show of interest.

9 - Miniature Figures. Sponsor: Lord Robear du Bois
There were lots of nifty entries! 1st place: Mistress Louise of Woodsholme (especially for a sea-wyvern type beast with tiny sequin-like scales & feathered crest.
2nd place: Lord Stephen Totenkopf
3rd place: Lady Käthe von Munchhausen Trimara

10 - Coloring Contest. Sponsors: Katwen of Griffin & Lorissa du Griffin
There were 6 different pieces of art form which to choose, from a simplistic dragon to a complicated Barr or Austin drawing3. (See end of this article for info on obtaining copies of this artwork to color yourself!) Adults as well as children entered & were kept happily entertained all afternoon with crayons, felt-nib pens & colored pencils. All winners will get a George Barr poster: "WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER" as soon as they arrive on order. Unfortunately, Lorissa was so nervous she gave back the winning artwork before we wrote down the names! We recall Nyla of Woodlyn, Leprechaun, Diane Duane. . . winners please contact us!

11 - Headgear. Sponsor: Mistress Louise of Woodsholme
Ann Christopher of Cheshire won with a fetching Tudor cap. Prize: a costume book.

12 - Footwear. Sponsor: Mistress Louise of Woodsholme
Duke Aonghais Dubh MacTarbh's fine red lace-up boots. Prize: A costume book to be conveyed to the designer & maker of the boots, a lady in the East Kingdom.

13 - Playwriting Contest. Sponsor: Mistress Louise of Woodsholme
Contest has been extended two more weeks. (Submission details omitted) Prize is to be a book--and this Lady does not stint on prizes! Don't miss this second chance!

14 - Decorate Brocade.
Postponed to another contest date due to lack of entries.

15 - Art. Sponsor: Master John ap Griffin
1st place: Morgunn Ruadh Brandywine of Tantallon for an ink drawing of a Celtic Chieftain. Prize: A copy of a Chinese "oracle bones" scroll
2nd place: Kerisa of Silverwolf for an unfinished but fabulous dragon
3rd place: Guinevere Elspeth Malynfor a very nice graphic<br. WHERE HAVE YOU ARTISTS BEEN when the CP asked, nay, begged for art??? The 2nd & 3rd place winners will get a 2-year and 1-year sub to the CP, respectively. (We are checking into costs for reproducing this art as posters; will announce results of research soon.) The other art entries were also very good; CP can use such submissions for publishing! Please?

16 - Bardic Circle. Sponsor: Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion
Karin von Schatten 1st place for singing. Prize: A silver pin
Lady Marguerite the Uncoordinated 2nd place for singing. Prize: A silver pin
Lady Lavendar of Lorne 1st place for recitation. Prize: A book
Balin of Tor 2nd place for recitation. Prize: A book

17 - Gambeson. Sponsor: Eadmond du Battlemont
Lord Renfield of the Inland March. Prize: A 20-lb. bow & some arrows

18 - The Great Seal
One for Caid & one for Isles - postponed to another contest

19 - Chinese Cookery. Sponsor: Baroness Jessica Llyrindi of Northmarch
Thelin Doppleganger von Kallenbach. Prize: A hand-wok
We hope he submits the recipes for The Crown Prints!

20 - Guess-The-Pearls-In-The-Jar. Sponsor: Elizabeth of Esvere
John ap Griffin won the jarful of pearls with the closest guess of 7982-1/2 . . .!
An on-the-spot contest with over 8000 pearls of assorted sizes in the jar. (John plans to trade the pearls to Su of the Silver Horn for a fighting tabard--you fighters, LOOK OUT!)

21 - Puppet-Making. Sponsor: Mistress Janay d'Aquitaine
Lady Käthe von Munchhausen Trimara won with a remarkable red-nosed puppet with a drinking mug bearing Prince Martin's arms]]
Lady Jaelithe of Dragonstower for a very good Punch puppet

22 - Puppet Show & Play
Pending until another time. Amadea da Strada Dragonessa made a lovely stage from which to work--don't let it go to waste!

23 - Authentic Armor Contest
Pending until May 1977

24 - On-The-Spot-Favor-Embroidery. Sponsor: Lord Alewaulfe the Red
Involved decorate a single glove, available at the Arts Fest. The winner of a large cone of machine-embroidery gold thread was Saoirse Lavengri. This contest will be continued; every woman should have a favor on hand in case some gentleman falls prey to a fit of chivalry during a tourney, after all!

25 - Courtesy. Sponsor: Canton of Lyonesse
For all-around, full-time courtesy toward everyone including children, males & females, went to Lord Robert of the Isles, who was presented with a large & beautiful costume book.

26 - Cartooning. Sponsor: Mistress Bjo of Griffin
Prize went to Lady Käthe von Munchhausen Trimara and Robert Godwin of Markmoor, who both get a 2-year sub to The Crown Prints & the cartoon published.

27 - Medieval Beast Dressing. Sponsor: Lady Su of the Silver Horn
The contest took an unusual turn; instead of horse-trappings & elephant howdahs, there were costumed beasts@ Rupert Fairchilde's ape model dressing in a herald's tabard ("King Herald") lost out to the best-dressed teddybear ever to wear a satin "3 Musketeers" costume, sewn by Marguerite the Uncoordinated.

28 - Doll Dressing. Sponsor: Lori Strohm
There were very nice entries, with 1st place going to a standard 18" doll dressed in early Renaissance costume by Mistress Louise of Woodsholme.
2nd prize went to Vanessa de Linn for a babydoll in full Tudor, complete to tiny hand-made shoes & hoop.

29 - Best Bread. Sponsor: Jared Blaydeaux
Plain Bread won a large tile trivet for Lyndia of Woodlyn, a newcomer to the SCA. Sine Singing Hands won the Sweet Bread competition.

30 - Photos. Sponsor: Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir
Color Portrait - 1st: Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir; 2nd: Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir; 3rd: Lady Francesca the Bemused (http://history.westkingdom.org/Who/Who-F.htm#1355)
B&W Portrait - 1st: Tristan de Montespoor; 2nd: Lady Francesca the Bemused; 3rd: Lady Francesca the Bemused
Portrait Study - Winner: Lady Joan of Crawfordsmuir; Honorable Mention: Lady Francis of Dragonsforge
Lady Joan donated her prizes to the General Principality Fund. We will print the winning pictures during the year as we can fit them in.

31 - Masthead Design for the Crown Prints. Sponsor: Mistress Bjo of Griffin
There were only two entries but they were worthy of notice, so Guinevere Elspeth Malyn won a 2-year sub to the CP & her design is being used for this issue. The runner-up design will be used later. (ARTISTS are reminded that an on=going need for masthead design can bring them a FREE contributor's copy.)

32 - Mappe of the Known Worlde. There were only two entries, so is pending for a later contest.

33 - Juggling. Sponsor: Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg
Christopher of Hoghton (http://history.westkingdom.org/Who/Who-C.htm#278) won a book on juggling. He also entertained the court with a demonstration of his talents & we hope he does so again!

34 - Fruitcake & Steamed Puddings. Sponsor: Dana of Coleraine
Won by Thelin von Kallenbach, who took home a prize of a nice pudding steamer.

The artwork used for the Investiture ARTS FEST coloring contest is available for 25 cents apiece from Mistress Bjo of Griffin at events (or add 2 stamps if it is to be mailed.) (Payment information omitted) Be sure to indicate clearly how many of each design you wish & number of designs desired. Designs are 8x10" black & white copies of:
(1) Front cover, Dec PAGE4, of dancing Medieval couple in holiday dress (by Bjo of Griffin)
(2) Back cover, Dec PAGE, of dragon with mistletoe trying to kiss knight (by Bjo of Griffin)
(3) Fighting figures, Oct Crown Prints--the one mislabeled "Nov"-- (by Guinevere Elspeth Malyn)
(4) Morgan le Fay costume design sketch by Luise of the Phoenix (http://history.westkingdom.org/Who/Who-L.htm#853)
(5) "Beauty & the Beast" by George Barr (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Barr_(artist))
(6) Girl & Griffin drawing by Alicia Austin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alicia_Austin)

Our sincerest THANKS to Duryn the Red, whose aid made this artwork possible in time for the Arts Fest & makes it available to interested parties!


  • 1Myself = Mistress Bjo of Griffin
  • 2Back in the day when a subscription to the Crown Prints was separate from SCA membership
  • 3Artists George Barr and Alicia Austin (known in the SCA as Quetzalochtzin)
  • 4The Page is the newsletter of the West Kingdom

From HRH Prince Martin

I want to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am to be your Prince. I have been in the Society since A.S. VIII and have seen many changes. I am glad to have an opportunity to help Caid by working with you to see ideas that we all have come into being.

Of great interest to every citizen of Caid should be our continued progress toward Kingdom status. We have increased the number of subscribing members in Caid toward the required 200, but we are still short of our goal and any of you who do not currently subscribe should take immediate steps to do so.

I would be most interested in gaining feedback from the entire populace of the Principality with regard to our object of petitioning the King and the Board of Directors to grant Kingdom status to Caid within the coming year. In this way, we hope to insure that our petition will reflect the views of the People of Caid.

As you know, I am very interested in seeing the martial arts in Caid continue on its upward trend of quality and increased participation. I am also interested in the future of Arts and Sciences, and through Her Highness, Princess Arabella, I will give my support to projects and activities that will add to the growing reputation that Caid is receiving in the Knowne World for artistic endeavor and scholarship.

It is toward the goal of unity, both geographically and categorically, that I want to help strengthen Caid. Our unity within our baronies and shire is strong and we are translating this to the concept of Caid. We have seen the University of Ithra at Caid produce a day of interdisciplinary teaching and learning. Let us all work together to forge an even stronger and more unified Caid in the coming six months, and it is toward this goal that we should now turn our minds and our efforts. -- Martin, Princeps


  • Please feel free to add your memories of this event.


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