Dreiburgen Anniversary 1988

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
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Location: Jurupa Equestrian Park in Riverside
Date: 10/29/1988


Event Staff


There were 23 fighters in the lists, 2 belted, 21 unbelted. Lists ran smoothly starting with 3 fields.

From the Crown Prints

The Barony of Dreiburgen invites all the known world to join in choosing of their champion at

The Dreiburgen Anniversary Tourney

On October 29, A.S. XXIII At Jurupa Equestrian Park, 5370 Riverview Drive in Riverside. Besides a Doubled-elimination heavy-weapons tourney, there will be an eric setup for challenges. In Conjunction with the fighting lists, we are proud to announce that equestrian lists will be held throughout the day, with eric set up to allow the spectators to watch both lists. The competitions will include Tilting at the Quintain, the rings, and Saracen heads, with overall prizes for the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Equestrian Schedule

  • Check in 8:00-10:00
  • Equestrian activities begin: 11:00

This event will run on mundane time. The equestrian auotocrats, who know that, yes, it’s possible to move horse and rider quickly on a tight schedule, have determined to do the same here. Riders must be pre-entered by Wednesday, Oct. 26. To enter, Wright or Call: Damales Redbeard

Schedule for Event

  • 8:00 Site opens/set-up
  • 8:30 Lists opens
  • 10:00 Opening Court
  • 10:00 Lists close
  • 7:00 Feast at revel site

Besides these lists, there will be many contest and other activities during the day. These include:

  • Best barding contest
  • Most period pavilion and setup
  • Best period pillow or cushion
  • Best feathered mask ( to be made at site with Materials provided)

Other contests will be announced at opening court. The bake sale will run all day. There will be a mere $2.00 per person site fee for a whole fun-filled day. There will be a feast after the event, and a revel with a bardic circle after the feast.

Awards given


Doubled-elimination heavy:


  • Leave your memories here.

From Baron Malcolm Alberic:

What I enjoyed most about the day was that this was one of a number of events that were held in the River Bottom Parks. The fact that those sites were horse friendly allowed those of us in the Dreiburgen Light Horse to saddle up at House Montrose in Pedley (the current home of the Dreiburgen Archery range) and ride the five miles to the event. We had a lot of fun and I still have the glass stein that I won for 1st place Quintain displayed in my living room curio cabinet.

I particularly like that the autocrats made sure that the event ran on time. (If a horse show can run on time why cant an SCA event?)

That would be because one of the autocrats ran horse shows .. Damales


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