Dreiburgen Anniversary 1987

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Dreiburgen baronial shield.jpg
Caption Needed
Location: Dreiburgen
Hunt Park in Riverside
Date: 10/31/1987
Postponed to 12/05/1987

Due to complications Dreiburgen Anniversary was postponed to 12/05/1987


Event Staff


Dreiburgen Anniversary on October 31, 1987 was rained out however that left the barony without a champion. It was decided to reschedule the Champion Tournament to the morning of Baroness Birthday & Yule Revel. There were 13 fighters in the lists and His Majesty Dietrich von Vogelsang fought the bye and also gave a class on what Knighthood is all about.

From the Crown Prints

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The POSTPONED ANNIVERSARY of the Barony of Dreiburgen will be held on Dec 5, 1987 (AS XXII) at HUNY PARK in Riverside, CA. The site is across the street from the BARONESS’ FEAST that Dreiburgen is also hosting on Dec 5. There will be a double elimination heavy weapons list to choose The CHAMPION of DREIBURGEN. The tourney will end in time for the those who wish to also attend the BARONESS’ FEAST to do so. (See separate announcement)


  • 0800 Set Up
  • 0900 Opening Court
  • 0930 List Closes/ Fighting Begins
  • 0230 Closing Court
  • Feast setup follows


Heavy Weapons

  • Winner: Bela Aba
  • Finalist: Christian de Leon Ranpante

Awards given


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