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DonDiego Kingshunt2015.jpg
Diego at King's Hunt 2015
Resides: Lyondemere
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per chevron gules and argent, in base three trefoils one and two sable and a chief ermine

Don Diego'sCDGVoH first SCA event was Lyondemere Anniversary in A.S. 34 (1999).

Formerly known as Diego Antonio de Vega y Palma. This name, registered in July of 2007 (via Caid), was changed to Diego Antonio de Palma in May 2011 (via Caid). Diego was honored with inclusion in the Order of the White Scarf of Caid in April of 2015 as the final inducted member of the order. At Isles Anniversary 2017, Diego was elevated to the Order of Defense.


Diego was born in 1498 in Palma de Mallorca to an affluent merchant and ship broker. Diego's mother passed away during child birth and was raised by his father, along side his younger brother, Pepe de Palma. Diego was gifted with a ship at birth which was placed with another broker on the mainland to act as a trust for his adulthood. When Diego was 9 he was sent to work aboard various trade vessels and contracted ships where he learned the ropes. In 1511, at the age of 12, Diego was spending the winter at his fathers estate when they were visited by a bishop named Juan Enguera. Diego overheard the bishop talk of certain unsavory actions within the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition and decided that he would have none of the religion in which he was raised. Diego and his father fought over the matter and Diego left his home and was disowned by his father.

In the spring of 1512, Diego moved to the mainland where he was able to get a job as a stage hand, due to his previous shipboard experience with ropes and lines, as he was not yet able to collect on the trust of profits from his shipping interests. It was in the fall of 1512, while traveling the continent with a troupe of actors performing miracle plays, that Diego first met Raphael ben Gideon. Raphael was just returning to the estate of his aunt, Duchess Natalya de Foix, from the land of a knight to whom Raphael was squired when they met in an Inn one evening. As the troupe was traveling the same path as Raphael they shared the road for a bit and Diego and Raphael became quick friends. When it was time to part ways Diego offered his companionship and they both made their way to Foix, where they spent some time taking lessons, being helpful and amusing, and Making Plans.

In 1516, Diego first met Elisheva bat Yisrael who was traveling back to Spain from her home in Egypt. While Elisheva had spent many years moving around Europe, in 1519 she took up permanent residence in Foix. In 1520 Raphael, Elisheva, and Diego were looking to make a name for themselves and establish something great. The plans they had made while studying at Chateau de Foix came to fruition when they established the Inn of the Crimson Spade in Cadiz, Spain. When Diego turned 16 he gained true ownership of his ship which he dubbed "The Witty Retort" which continues to sail and gain profit for him.

In Spain, Diego met through Raphael the crew of theThe Goode Ship White Star which sails out of the port of Cadiz. In times of national defense, Raphael and Diego would take to sailing with White Star as Marines and training in combat under Captain Lot Ramirez.

Life happened, as it always does, and The Inn of the Crimson Spade closed in 1527. Diego and Elisheva have since had two children and spent much time traveling and visiting their friends throughout Caid. In that time Diego has established himself as a Sergent Marine aboard the White Star and often takes a cabin on board. Diego also keeps a manservant and minstrel near him much of the time, Sylvester, who has quickly become a fixture in his company.

Recently, at the opening of a new establishment in which Diego has a partners stake, The Sable Hart, he was approached by a young man whom he hardly recognized, his brother Pepe de Palma. Pepe, who always was more of a dreamer, had not noticed his older brother's absence for a number of years. Diego and Pepe's father however never forgot his lost son. While Diego was told in the heat of an argument he was to be disowned, his father never had the heart. Many a missive was sent to Diego over the years to apologize and bring him home, but they never found him. When Diego's Father died he left his company, estate, and all other holdings to Diego solely. Without a known means of support Pepe sought out his brother. Pepe was granted leave to act as caretaker for the grounds of the de Palma estate, and lives there much of the time, though he is known to visit the Sable Hart and play his music along with Sylvest.


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