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The Society for Creative Anachronism is a not-for-profit charity. The populace of Caid frequently contribute to charitable causes both within the Society and in the modern community we live within.

Often, challenges are issued to the populace or to groups within the Society to contribute to a certain cause over a period of time, with a prize or praise offered to the greatest contributor.

Yule celebrations and other Events often include a toy drive or collection box benefiting Toys for Tots or other local charities.

Another way the SCA can "give back to the community" is by running demonstrations of Society activities for school groups, festivals, etc. These events mesh especially well with the Society's educational ideals.

In times of crisis, the SCA will do what it can to take care of its members who have suffered losses due to disasters. After Huricaine Katrina, the kingdom set up a deputy seneschal office known as "Disaster Releif Coordinator". The DRC monitors situations as they occur, coordinates "crash space" for evacuees, coordinates donations of money and goods for populace who are injured or perminently displaced from their homes, etc.

Charitable Challenges

Challenges for SCA-related causes

These causes benefit the Society or the Kingdom:

Challenges for causes external to the SCA

While these important causes do not directly benefit the Society or the Kingdom, they show how the populace takes the precepts of life in the Current Middle Ages to heart:

Other Important Causes

  • Lance and Carla Burn Fund - In November 2008, two Caidans from the Shire of Isles were severely injured and lost their home in the Montecito Tea fire.
  • NEGU - "Never Ever Give Up". Pediatric cancer foundation inspired by 12 year old Jessie Rees. Encouraging kids fighting cancer to “NEVER EVER GIVE UP”