White Scarf Charter

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Charter for the Order of the White Scarf of Caid

(Rev. 5/2007)

I) Establishment of the Order.

A) The Order of the White Scarf shall be established in Caid to honor those persons who participate in rapier combat in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and who display the following characteristics:
1) Outstanding excellence in rapier combat;
2) Courteous and chivalrous behavior, on and off the tournament field;
3) Service to the Kingdom of Caid and its people;
4) Obedience to the laws and ideals of Caid and the Society for Creative Anachronism;
5) Willingness to instruct others in these accomplishments.

II) Arms, Precedence, and Insignia.

A) Membership in the Order shall carry with it a Grant of Arms. The Order of the White Scarf shall rank equally in precedence with the other Grant-level Orders in Caid, including the Order of the Crescent, the Order of the Lux Caidis, the Order of the Gauntlet of Caid, and the Order of Chiron.
B) Companions of the White Scarf are solely entitled to wear a white scarf, fastened at the left shoulder or tied above the left elbow.
C) Companions of the White Scarf may style themselves “Don” or “Doña.” While this title is not unique to them, it is the traditional honorific for Companions of the Order.
D) Companions of the White Scarf of Caid may add the initials “WSC” to their signatures.

III) Investiture and Membership in the Order.

A) Admission to the Order of the White Scarf shall be through the selection of the Crown. As tradition, the Crown shall consult with Companions of the White Scarf regarding the selection of new candidates for the Order.
o When discussion of a candidate is requested, a formal vote will be held.
o Of all votes cast, a 2/3 majority of those in favor of a candidate's elevation will be considered a recommendation to the Crown for the inclusion of a candidate into the Order.
o Members may only vote in person or in writing for a specific candidate.
o In order to accommodate discussion, votes of those not in attendance may be collected in writing up to two weeks after the meeting. A final tally of the vote will be provided to the Crown by the secretary of the Order within two weeks of a meeting/request for discussion on a candidate.
B) There shall be no upper limit to the number of new Companions that shall be admitted in any reign.
C) Persons must be present at the Court to accept admission into the Order.
D) Membership in the Order is permanent, and shall be retained even should the Companion change their Kingdom of Residence.

IV) Business within the Order

A) A quorum must be established in order to hold discussions that require a vote. A minimum of one-third of the Order must be represented, either in person or in writing, in order to establish a quorum.
B) Any changes to this charter must be ratified by the same procedure established for the approval of a candidate for the Order.

V) Principals of the Order.

A) The King and Queen of Caid shall be the Principals of the Order of the White Scarf, for the duration of Their reign.
B) The Principals shall share all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Order.