Vanguard of Honor

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Orange and black braided cord worn on the right arm or shoulder.
Award Information
Type: Non-armigerous & Polling Order
Founded: 6/3/1990 by Patrick and Lyn
Premiere(s): Cristian del Leon Rampante, Eichling von Amrum, Gar of Loch Carron, Ivan the Illustrated, Karolyi Attila Laszlo
Recipients: Visit the Order of Precedence.

The Vanguard of Honor is granted for recognition of outstanding honorable and chivalric actions upon the tournament field. The Vanguard is a polling order.


  • Bestows no titles or precedence.



The Vanguard of Honor was founded 6/3/1990 by Patrick and Lyn with the induction of Cristian del Leon Rampante, Eichling von Amrum, Gar of Loch Carron, Ivan the Illustrated, and Karolyi Attila Laszlo. On 7/1/2006 the order was opened to rapier fighters under Sven and Kolfinna with the induction of Alexander Kallidokos and Laertes McBride. On 11/8/2014, the induction of Guy Rand Gallandon marked the addition of unarmored combat to the order.

The unique colors of the award were chosen because they were King Patrick's livery colors. Patrick had expressed the expectation that successive monarchs would use their own livery colors for the cords they gave, but this has proved not to be the case.


Captains of the Vanguard act as the secretary of the order and are appointed by the Crown after consultation with the Order.

Awards of Caid
Patent: Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Royal Peerage.
Grant: Grant of Arms, Argent Blade, Chiron, Crescent, Gauntlet, Golden Lance, Lux Caidis.
Armigerous: Award of Arms, Court Barony, Arcus, Argent Arrow, Chamfron, Crescent Sword, Dolphin, Duellist, Harp Argent.
Non-armigerous: Acorn, Argent Star, Augmentation of Arms, Chanson, Corde de Guerre, Crescent and Flame, Crossed Swords, Furison of Caid, Legion of Courtesy, Ordo Cordis, Royal Recognition of Excellence, Signum Reginae, Sigillum Regis, Signum Regni, Vanguard of Honor.
Honors: Arts and Sciences Pentathlon Champion, King's Champion, Personal Heraldic Title, Queen's Champion, Right Noble, Rose.
Closed: White Scarf, Landmark, New Battered Helm.
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