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Resides: Dreiburgen
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Argent, a wolf's head cabossed sable, maintaining in its mouth a garden rose, slipped and leaved, within a heart voided and a chief doubly enarched gules.

Baron Paganus Grimlove has been Champion to Queens and Baronies more times than he can remember, throughout Caid and in other places in the Known World. He has been Queen's Champion in six forms: archery, crossbow, rapier, light weapons, thrown weapons, and unarmored combat. He is an accomplished archer, a fencer, an armored and unarmored fighter, an equestrian, the first Queen's Champion in Caid for crossbow and thrown weapons, and the last for light weapons/shinai. He is also a teacher in his arts, a brewer (primarily of cordials), a fletcher, and a leatherworker. He is a resident of Dreiburgen, but participates everywhere in the Known World that he goes. Outside the SCA, he holds a degree in theater, and has been part of choirs as well.

His wife is THL Rekon of Saaremaa.

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Paganus' persona is a 7th century Celt. His mother, a Viking, captured his Irish father on a raid, and brought him home as a slave. In time, she fell in love with him and freed him, and together, they became emissaries of their respective cultures. Young Paganus traveled widely, and was fostered all over the Known World. Master Nootka and Mistress Gilda are foster parents in Atenveldt.

His SCA children, as well as nieces, nephews, and grandchildren are scattered far and wide over the Known World.

Offices & Positions

He can't remember dates for many of these, so please, if you know, edit.

  • Founding member, Canton of Gallavally
  • Lieutenant of Archers, Dreiburgen, 1986-1988
  • Captain of Archers, Dreiburgen, 1988-1991?
  • Captain of Archers, Gallavally, off and on for many years
  • Master of Archers, Caid, after Gaius Gracchus of Greymist for about 2 months, then trained replacement
  • Marshal, Gallavally, off and on for many years
  • Head of Dreiburgen School of Fence for 2 years
  • Earl Marshal, Dreiburgen, for 2 1/2 years and current 2016.
  • Seneschal, Gallavally, for 2 1/2 years
  • Senior Marshal, Provost, Range Marshal for decades
  • First Rapier Champion for Calafia, Lyondemere, and Steinsee
  • First Crossbow Champion for Lyondemere
  • First Thrown Weapons Champion for Lyondemere
  • First Champion in... see Kingdom Championships history timeline
  • Queen's Thrown Weapons Champion for A'isha II
  • Guard for many Queens of Caid, including currently Conrad III and A'isha II, as well as Dreiburgen Baronial Guard a number of times in the past
  • Captain of Archery Guard for Queen Lyn of Whitewolfe
  • Drinking Champion (by declaration of the Queen) for Luciana Maria Novella Di Carlo
  • Past Baronial archery champion, at various times, for Calafia, Dreiburgen, Lyondemere, Altavia, Dun Or, Starkhafn, Naevehjem, Gyldenholt, Nordwache, and Angels
  • Past Baronial Light Weapons Champion for (at least) Dun Or, Calafia, Naevehjem, Gyldenholt, and Dreiburgen
  • Past Baronial Rapier Champion for (at least) Calafia, Lyondemere, Dun Or, Starkhafn and Naevehjem
  • Heavy Weapons and Adult Boffer Champion, College of Boethius, back in the day (1990s)
  • Heavy Weapons list winner & Pin the Tail on the fighter Festival of St. Corrigan 2000
  • Queen's Champion 35 times in 6 forms (3 fighting, 2 archery & Thrown Weapons), see results page
  • Kingdom Champion 23 times in 4 forms (3 archery & Thrown Weapons), see results page
  • Second Kingdom Man-at-Arms Champion and only Dreiburgen Man-at-Arms Champion, held at the Dreiburgen/Starkhafn joint Anniversaries in Al-Sahid
  • Currently Chatelaine, Lists, Senior Marshal, Provost and Senior Range Marshal (archery and thrown weapons) at large
  • 2011 Deputy Minister of archers and past Deputy over the years.
  • Deputy Regent, Caidan Academy of Archers, Fall 2011- January 7, 2012
  • Regent, Caidan Academy of Archers, January 7, 2012-present
  • Guard, Patrick II and Kara II
  • In 2011, he served as Baronial Champion to Lyondemere (archery), Angels (archery), Starkhafn (archery), Gyldenholt (thrown weapons), Kingdom Period and crossbow Division Archery champion, Known World Spear Champion (Pennsic 41), and Queen's Crossbow Champion.
  • See also Results page for Queen's Champion and other events.
  • Rapier Champion, Starkhafn Anniversary 2015
  • Thrown Weapons Champion, Calafia Anniversary 2015
  • Archery, Caid Archery Rank: Royal Bowmaster in all three current divisions (open 1989, period 2012, and crossbow 1990)plus the longbow division 1989(which ended when the period division was created with different equipment standards).
  • Current Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion for Calafia, Altavia, Angels and Lyondemere. Crossbow and Archery champion for Lyondemere.
  • Current Known World Thrown Weapons Champion - 50 Year celebration and past 3-time Known World Archery Champion - Estrella War

Event Staff

He is having trouble remembering all of them, so if you know of more, feel free to add!

  • Autocrat - Cherry Festival Demo 1984?
  • Autocrat - Festival of St. Corrigan 1993
  • Autocrat - Gallavally Anniversary 1996
  • Creator and autocrat numerous times of the Caidan Open Archery Tournament, Autocrat 1992, 1993, etc.
  • Teacher, Collegium Caidis, numerous times over the past three decades
  • Caidan liason for archery, Estrella War II until the last Estrella Caid participated in prior to GWW I
  • Autocrat for archery, Great Western War I and II
  • Demonstrator and teacher of archery, fighter at Dartmouth Demo for many years
  • Server at numerous feasts throughout Caid since joining the Society in 1982
  • Range Marshal at most archery events in Caid over the last 3 decades
  • Range Marshal in Charge for Darkwell War, Potrero War, Highland War, West-Caid War, and Nordwache's Treasure Chest War at least once each over the years
  • Marshal for armored combat, light weapons, and rapier at numerous events over the last 3 decades
  • Range Marshal in Charge, Caidan Open Archery Tournament 2009
  • Championship designer and Range Marshal, Lyondemere Baronial Archery Championship, 2010 and Angels (Robin Hood) Baronial Archery Championship, 2013 & 2014
  • Range Marshal in Charge, Queen's Champion Archery and Crossbow, February 2010
  • Marshal in Charge for Galla-Sahid 2016 and Mons Draconis Ann. 2016

Classes Taught