Giovanna Ricci

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Giovanna Ricci at ComicCon Demo 2010
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Or, a griffin segreant gules sustaining a needle palewise sable threaded gules.

The Honourable Lady Giovanna Ricci is a Companion of the Order of the Crescent and is the Bosun of the ship Iron Maiden. She is married to The Honorable Lord Parlane of Glenord


Giovanna Ricci was born in Florence Italy to a wealthy textiles merchant. She was the youngest of five daughters and was suspected to finally be the boy. They were wrong. Proving to be the most headstrong of the girls, Giovanna was a bit of a “problem child”. Her mother felt it best to simply let “Giovanna do what Giovanna has to do” while caring for her more domestic and fragile sisters. She developed an independent streak and was soon studying and learning things about the family business through her father, who she spent most of her time with. With him she learned many things about fine fabrics and tailoring. As the young woman grew up, her sisters were married off one by one to wealthy upstanding Italian gentlemen. Much to her parent’s dismay Giovanna managed to spurn every suitor that came her way, usually with thrown objects or a metal tankard to the jaw if they got too friendly. Signeore Ricci finally cut his losses before his daughter insulted every wealthy family in Florence. He took her up north to Genoa while on business in an attempt to get her to simmer down and frankly, shut up. Giovanna and her father worked side by side in Genoa for a few months until one evening when she was approached by a Scottish privateer named Parlane of Glennord. He just came into port with pockets full of coinage. He asked if she would like a drink at the local Inn. Giovanna was skeptical of his intentions. But after a couple viled threats she made to him (which may have included what she could do with her scissors) she found him trust worthy and joined him for a drink... which turned into two or three...then three or four...She woke up two days later on the pirate ship Iron Maiden in Parlane’s quarters covered in cat hair. Apparently Parlane accidentally kidnapped her while drunk and now were too far out to sea to return her. After chasing him around the deck for 15 minutes with a cast iron skillet, Giovanna relented to stay on board with the crew. She soon found out she was a good fit with the rag tag lot and the captain eventually made her bosun. Giovanna and Parlane were married a few years after she boarded the Iron Maiden, finally resolving that he was actually quite the gentleman despite the kidnapping.

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