Fino Di Giove

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Wiki photo Finodigiove.jpg
Fino standing guard during closing court, Potrero War 2023
Preferred title: Lord
Their Pronouns: he/they
Resides: Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per pale sable and argent, a nude stag-headed demi-human maintaining a dagger and a wren counterchanged.
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Lord Fino di Giove is currently the 16th Bard of Calafia. He was awarded the Harp Argent for Bardic Arts by Their Majesties Optimus and Issa at Wintermist Anniversary 2023.


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Offices & Positions

  • Baronial Bard, Calafia, 12/03/2022 to 12/02/2023
  • Bardic Guild Deputy, Calafia, 05/01/2023 to present

Kingdom Court & Guard

  • Wilhelm IV and Lorissa - 07/08/2023 - present
  • Tryggr and Mercedes - 01/06/2024 - present

Baronial Court & Guard

  • Torsteinn and Asa - 11/04/2023 - present

Event Staff

  • Bardic Showcase Co-Deputy, Potrero War, 2023
  • Leif Erickson Tournament Co-Steward, Calafia, 10/21/2023

Classes Taught

  • Be the Bard: Sonnet and Song, Potrero War, 2023
  • Be the Bard: Shakespearian Sonnet, An Tir War, 2023


  • An Odyssey of Virtues 02/04/2023 to present
    • This multi-year project is an attempt to recreate the process of writing and performing an epic poem in the Homeric style. Lord Fino is travelling to each Barony within the Kingdom of Caid and writing a new verse on the day of the event. Then he performs the Intro + 'New Verse' usually during a bardic circle or at final court. Once the journey is completed, his goal is to share the details of this project at Pentathlon (hopefully in 2025). The current list of events attended is:
      • Nordwache Chivalry Tournament 02/04/2023 - Intro and Verse 1
      • Dreiburgen Academia Draconis 03/10/2023 - Intro and Verse 2
      • Altavia Anniversary and Investiture 05/13/2023 - Intro and Verse 3
  • Elizabethan Trenchers 07/08/2023 to present
    • Inspired by a photo from the Ashmolean Museum shared in an A&S of Caid Facebook post, Lord Fino has become obsessed with Elizabethan Trenchers. He has attempted by hand (with terrible failure) to recreate these beautiful aspects of historical feasts. He continued to brainstorm ways in which these trenchers could be created en masse for an actual feast for the populous to enjoy. Then - with the tremendous help of Meistresse Sabyna of Aydon, the Hearth and Cauldron Guild of Calafia, and other notable community members - 120 Elizabethan trenchers were produced and showcased at Summer Coronation 2023. Lord Fino was unable to witness the application of this project and plans to re-attempt (having learned much during the process) and provide alternate versions of the trenchers at a TBD feast. His goal is to share the details of this project at Pentathlon (hopefully in 2025).
  • Fly Ye Olde Flag
    • More information coming soon.
  • Lineage of the Bard of Calafia
    • Collecting and archiving the lineage of the Bard of Calafia for posterity. If you have any information on past Bards or want to assist with this project please contact