Eblenn ingen meic an Ucaire

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Eblenn an Ucaire
Preferred title: Not specified
Their Pronouns: Not specified
Resides: Tanwayour, Calafia
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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Per pale sable and Or, a chevron gules between three musimon's heads cabossed counterchanged
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The honorable Lady Eblenn an Ucaire (Name is registered as Eibhlin an Ucaire)


Eblenn (ev lin) was born shortly after the vernal equinox in 1054 to Conaire an ucaire (the *fuller), one of the many Conaires of the Muscraige, a fuller of wool cloth and his wife Eithne, a daughter of the Eoganachta, descended from Failbe Flann son of Aedo Duib. She is the youngest of nine living children. The family raises sheep for wool to spin and weave, dye and full into woolen cloth. Their fulled brats are known throughtout the land as the warmest and rain rolls off them like a ducks back. Like the mother, the daughter was born with red hair and so was named Eblenn (sunny, sheen) in the tradition of the Muscraige. She grew up with the Corcu Dhuibhne and roamed the area like one of the wild men of Gleann na nGealt. She was fascinated with color, things colored and things that produced color and thus fell in with her father's woolen fabric production by making dyes. First known as Eblenn daughter of the fuller, she became known as Eblenn the fuller (Eblenn an ucaire) or the fuller's dyer. She is known by the stains that cover her hands as she is prone to squeezing, rolling and smearing objects with them to see what color they produce. She was given her own cottage because the smells and noxious vapors she produces trying out new concoctions, drive people to the outdoors. Not to mention the messes when little hands of nieces and nephews go wondering to see what that wonderful colored stuff is. She roamed to the port at Luimneach on her search and there met a trader from the North who asked her to go with him and an arrangement with her father, mother and herself was made for her to marry and travel with the Northman on his longship to bring back dyes and such, from far away markets. The Northman was killed soon after in a brawl, for he had a terrible temper, but the trading of dyes and woolens was so lucrative for the Longship's crew and the family of fullers back home that she continues.


  • Eblenn is one of two heads of household for the Hus Drekki Flaug (Flying Dragons) of the Drafn War Band

Offices & Positions

  • Herald of Tanwayour
  • Exchequer of Tanwayour
  • Seneschal of Tanwayour
  • Baronial Lady in Waiting for David and Adelicia of Caithness, Calafia 2005 & 2007
  • Lenderman of Drafn War Band
  • Assistant to the Keep Master

Event Staff

  • Co-Steward, Tanwayour Anniversary 2006, 06/10/2006
  • Steward, Tanwayour Anniversary 2007, 06/09/2007
  • Served on the Potrero War staff for the last ten years as Hospitality, Privy Crat, Gate, Gate Book design, Haybales, merchant set up, roads, constable, Base camp, etc.
  • Autocrated Leif Ericsson once.
  • Currently the Privy Under Crat for Great Western War