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Barony of Altavia
Altavia shield.png
Argent, a fret sable and on a chief vert a laurel wreath argent
Founded: as a canton of Angels 3/1977, became Barony 5/1983
Modern Location: San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, California

Nikolaos and Briana stepped up as the eighth Baron and Baroness of Altavia at Altavia Anniversary and Investiture on May 12, 2018.


Meaning: "Alta via" is Latin for "high way" or "high road." Thus "Altavia" (pronounced: all-TAY-vee-ah) was inspired by the prodigious number of freeways in the San Fernando Valley.

Established: The San Fernando Valley area was originally part of the Barony of the Angels. The Canton of New Albion was formed in 3/1977, then changed its name to Sarn Wold (or Sarnwold, depending on who was spelling it) in 5/1978. The name was changed a third time to Altavia in 4/1982. Altavia became a Barony on 5/14/1983 (registered in 7/1983).

Area: San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, Ca., including Canyon Country, formerly included Lancaster/Palmdale


  • Baronial Device: Argent, a fret sable and on a chief vert a laurel wreath argent. (registered 5/1982)
    • It should be no surprise that the device carries on the freeway theme. The wreath is white on green, as are the freeway signs. The fret is a reference to the Valley's freeway system.
  • Populace Badge: Per pale vert and sable, two horses rampant reguardant addorsed within a bordure argent. (registered 7/1983)
  • Populace Badge: Argent fretty sable, a chief vert. (registered 2/2003)

Heraldic officer's title: Sable Fret The herald's name is that of the principal charge of the arms.


Newsletter: Fret Knot, formerly Altaviana.

Fighting Unit(s): Guardians of the High Road

Motto: Theatrum, non dramatis (Theater, not drama)

Baronial History

  • Altavia's history, regalia, badges and more can be found at the baronial website [1]
  • Altavia Acres, Altavia's retirement community.

The Barony of Altavia was the winner of the Caid Blood Donation Month and Challenge in 2007 and 2008.

Former Territories of Altavia


Baronial Champions


Upcoming and past event information can be found on the Baronial website

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