Winter Weekend 1990

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One afternoon at Winter Weekend
Location: Camp Radford
Date: Jan 1990

Winter Weekend 1990

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

(From CP Nov 1989) Reservations are now being accepted for Winter Weekend, to be held January 19, 20, & 21, 1990 at the Baron's Hunting Lodge (Camp Radford). Activities will be much the same as past years, and will include boar hunts and bridge battles (combat archery & shinai), spinning, embroidery & calligraphy, with dancing and a bardic circle in the evening.

The price for 2 nights accommodation and 5 meals is the same as last year, $30 per person. Due to the large number of people arriving early on Friday, those who wish may sign up for Friday night dinner for an additional $3. Contact Sir Robear for prices for children.

Due to the limited amount of space (62 beds), priority will initially be given to people who have attended in the past, based upon frequency of attendance (that is, people who have attended all 6 previous Winter Weekends will have first priority, then those who have attended 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1). This priority system will be in effect through Coronation (November 18, 1989), after which all remaining spaces will be assigned based upon date of receipt. People who have not attended in the past may send in reservations at any time, but we cannot confirm their reservation until after Coronation.

This year, the waiting list will be limited to 20 people. All reservations received after that point will be returned.

Reservations must contain a 50% deposit, with the total balance due December 30, 1989. Reservations should be sent to : Sir Robear du Bois (contact information removed).


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