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If you have any photos from this event, please contact THL [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]]
If you have any photos from this event, please contact the [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org Wiki Administrator] at [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org wiki@caid-commons.org]

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Location: Angels

Beckman Institute, Caltech, Pasadena

Date: 04/27/1991


Although listed as the 5th annual May Day Tourney, it was actually the 6th. The 5th May Day event occurred at Occidental College rather than at Caltech.

Event Staff

  • Autocrat: Artemisia Quercia de Signa (changed name to Catherine Hope Hastings in Dec 1992)
  • Seneschal: Lady Lyris Wordsmith

From the Crown Prints

Despite all odds, the College of the Voyagers once again unleashes Spring upon a trusting world. In the spirit of traditions of old (and not so old) we will celebrate the rebirth of the year with dancing, singing and various virility rites (in armour, no less!) Included will be the traditional Turkey Leg Lunch, Argent Oliphaunt Sale (please donate spare items), Tudor Frisbee, and any other fun things we can think up. There will be two fields for heavy weapons and one for Shinai (did we say the ite was huge?) We have a huge site, so gentles with period pavilions are especially encouraged to bring them. We also ask you to bring your own plates so that less will be thrown away. There will be washing facilities provided. A recycling booth, like the Oliphaunt Sale, will raise money for the College and the Barony. There will also be a contest for the most refreshing non-alcoholic period drink, which we might let the fighters decide. . .

The site is Beckman Institute on the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Campus in Pasadena, CA (Barony of Angels). For further information, contact the Autocrat Artemisia or the Voyagers Seneschal Lyris.

Note: This was the first event held on the spacious Beckman Lawn (aka West Lawn).



If you have any photos from this event, please contact the Wiki Administrator at wiki@caid-commons.org

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