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Greetings. I need to match up your user name with your SCA name. So please send me a note via the Wiki or via email at letting me know what your SCA name is. Thanks! --Kolfinna 13:18, 20 August 2008 (PDT)

Change to how User Groups Work

Great news! The Kingdom Webwright has given us a 3 month window to test to see how it would work if all users had edit abilities. So all users have been added to the "Commenters" group which allows you to edit live pages and upload photos. Jump right in and start adding new pages and editing old ones! If you need help on how to edit the wiki, visit Help:Contents. If I don't know who you are (i.e. I need to match your SCA name to your wiki account) you will not be added to the commenters group. This is rare, only a few of you I haven't been able to place. Email me at if you need further help. --Kolfinna 13:44, 20 August 2008 (PDT)


  • The Wiki is not a place to do OP listings. That is best left for the OP. Please follow Template_talk:Populace for optimal populace page design.
  • Please do not upload up over old pictures, you should have uploaded the photo of yourself as a new photo via Special:Upload.
  • ALso, please trim the size of your photos, that was too large and is borking the wiki up.