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The illuminators and calligraphers for the following scrolls have not all been identified. Click on the thumbnail to see what information exists for each image. If you know who produced these scrolls please contact Aliskye MacKyven Raizel at User talk:aliskye or via email to scribesegundo@sca-caid.org.


Image Preview Award Recipient
CoronationSpring03 29.JPG Award of Arms Ariana Irene de Caro
Louise1.jpg Award of Arms Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
12th Night 2017 Scrolls 14.jpg Award of Arms Felix Selwyn
Caedmongordon40.jpg Award of Arms Katrina Adeline aus Drachenfels Festung
Scriptorum1.JPG Award of Arms Peter of the Golden Isles
Scriptorum10.JPG Award of Arms Pietro Antuono di Napoli
Scriptorum33.JPG Award of Arms Wilihelm Roderick FitzLovel of Kerr
Coronation Spring 2014 Alexander Kallidokos Court Barony.jpg Court Barony Alexander Kallidokos
Unk7.JPG Court Barony Emrys Montgomery
Unk8.JPG Detail of Court Barony Emrys Montgomery
Coronation Nov 09 and scrolls 134.JPG Dolphin Alia la rousse
Scriptorum12.JPG Dolphin Ambros Celidonis
Marytarinofglastonbury4.jpg Dolphin (Illumination only) Conrad von Regensburg
CoronationSpring03 4.JPG Dolphin Catriona Isabel MacFarlane
Scriptorum9.JPG Dolphin John ap Griffin
CoronationSpring03 14.JPG Dolphin Karl Haraldsson
Scriptorum6.JPG Dolphin Miranda Douglas of Schiehallion
Scriptorum23.JPG Dolphin Nikolai Syekol
Scriptorum51.JPG Dolphin Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia
Scriptorum52.JPG Dolphin Reinwald Sigbrand
Steffan Dolphin scroll.jpg Dolphin Steffan the Scrivener
Scriptorum47.JPG Duchy Dietrich von Vogelsang
Various2.jpg Harp Argent Caitlin Christiana Rosa del Leon
CoronationSpring03 30.JPG Harp Argent Maria Theresa Ipeñarrieta
CoronationSpring03 33.JPG Harp Argent Thorkell Kettleson
Scriptorum21.JPG Leaf of Merit (West) Bevin Fraser of Sterling
Scriptorum2.JPG Leaf of Merit (West) Guinevere de Bremble