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:Tortoise Arts & Science Challenge
Location: Dreiburgen
Date: 2018 - current

The Tortoise Challenge is an Arts & Sciences competition that celebrates dedication and improvement in newly learned topics. Named after Aesop's fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, this takes place in two parts.

1. The Hare Competition: entrants submit their first effort in an art or craft they began learning within three months before the event. Winning honors for the Hare Competition go to the best first attempt.

2. The Tortoise Competition: the previous year's Hare entrants submit their best work in the same art or craft. Winning honors go to the most improved artisan.

The Hare Competition is open to all new learners. Tortoise Competition entrants must have competed in the previous year's Hare Competition.

All Hare entries are photographed for reference purposes and hosted in the gallery below.

The Tortoise Challenge is held at Dreiburgen Anniversary each year. It was created in 2018 by Dreiburgen's Arts and Sciences Officer Agnes Wurtman.

2019 event notes

Thanks to everyone who entered, who helped setup and assisted running the event, and who voted. The full gallery and winners will be posted soon.

Event Staff

Event Information

Hare and Tortoise champion awards.

Documentation for Tortoise Challenge entries is welcome but not required. Entries must be suitable for showing on a display table. Winners are chosen by people's choice vote; if a tie occurs then the Baron and Baroness of Dreiburgen will determine a final winner.

Entrants are not expected to bring their own display materials. The competition provides basic tablecloths and equipment (paper, pens, and tape). Hare entries go on ecru tablecloths; Tortoise entries go on a dark brown tablecloth. Accompanying Tortoise and Hare emblems also distinguish the two parts of this competition. Tortoise Competition hopefuls are encouraged to display their preceding year's Hare entry in the Tortoise section alongside their respective Tortoise entries if feasible.

Entrants who wish to bring and use additional display materials may do so. Please contact Dreiburgen Arts & Sciences in advance if any special arrangements need to be made.

The tables will open for setup shortly after opening court and voting begins before lunch. Voting will conclude roughly one hour before closing court. Competitors may collect their entries after the votes are tallied.

2018 Hare Entries, Qualifying for 2019 Tortoise Competition

Past Years

Kungund Benehonig won the inagural 2018 Hare Competiton with card weaving.

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