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The Mainz Thrones with their creator, Klaus von Mainz
Status: Active
Artist(s): Klaus von Mainz

The new thrones of Caid were created by THL Klaus von Mainz in the year A.S. XLIII during the reign of Sven II and Kolfinna II.

Ceremony of Introduction

Done at opening court at Kolfinna's Festival of the Rose, heralded by Baron Giles Hill.


When the ceremony begins, TRM stand and step forward. Their Guard quietly and unobtrusively remove the thrones from the dias.


Herald: Since the earliest days, lords spiritual and temporal have been enthroned in seats of power. The Roman emperors held court seated on ivory and gold. The monarchs of Europe commanded richly ornamented chairs to command attention and ensure prestige. Thrones are the visible embodiment of authority and sovereignty. The kingdoms of the Society are challenged by the need for thrones that are imposing and beautiful, of high craftsmanship and suitable for the majesty of the Sovereign and Consort, yet are easily portable and able to resist the rigors of travel.

Seeing that the Thrones of Caid were road-worn and heavy with years, Edward and Mora directed one of Caid's most accomplished woodworkers to create new Thrones. After many months of work, His Lordship Klaus von Mainz, is summoned into the presence of the King and Queen of Caid to give an account of this commission, bringing with him the tools he created to use in the construction of these new thrones.

Klaus comes forward and speaks privately with TRM. He shows them one or more of the tools used in the construction of the Thrones.


Herald: Being apprised by Lord Klaus that the Thrones are finished, and ready for use, Their Majesties of Caid are pleased to receive these works of art into Their regalia. Let the Thrones of Caid be brought forth!

Mainzthrones-ceremony4.jpg Mainzthrones-ceremony5.jpg Mainzthrones-ceremony6.jpg

TRM step back to make room for the new thrones' placement on the dias. Under the direction of the Captain of the Guard, the thrones are brought forward and placed. TRM assume their seats.

Mainzthrones-ceremony7.jpg Mainzthrones-ceremony8.jpg

Their Royal Majesties, Sven II and Kolfinna II, found it fitting to award their loyal subject a Royal Recognition of Excellence in Woodworking, Carving and Joinery to Klaus von Mainz.


The Finished Thrones

Mainzthrones-finished1.JPG Mainzthrones-finished2.JPG Mainzthrones-finished3.JPG Mainzthrones-finished4.JPG Mainzthrones-finished5.JPG Mainzthrones-finished6.JPG Mainzthrones-finished7.JPG Mainzthrones-finished8.JPG Mainzthrones-finished9.JPG Mainzthrones-finished10.JPG Mainzthrones-finished11.JPG Mainzthrones-finished12.JPG Mainzthrones-finished13.JPG Mainzthrones-finished14.JPG Mainzthrones-finished15.JPG Mainzthrones-finished16.JPG Mainzthrones-finished17.JPG Mainzthrones-finished18.JPG Mainzthrones-finished19.JPG


Mainzthrones-construction1.jpg Mainzthrones-construction2.jpg Mainzthrones-construction3.jpg Mainzthrones-construction4.jpg Mainzthrones-construction5.jpg Mainzthrones-construction6.jpg Mainzthrones-construction7.jpg Mainzthrones-construction8.jpg Mainzthrones-construction9.jpg Mainzthrones-construction10.jpg Mainzthrones-construction11.jpg Mainzthrones-construction12.jpg Mainzthrones-construction13.jpg Mainzthrones-construction14.jpg Mainzthrones-construction15.jpg Mainzthrones-construction16.jpg Mainzthrones-construction17.jpg Mainzthrones-construction18.jpg Mainzthrones-construction19.jpg Mainzthrones-construction20.jpg Mainzthrones-construction21.jpg Mainzthrones-construction22.jpg Mainzthrones-construction23.jpg Mainzthrones-construction24.jpg Mainzthrones-construction25.jpg Mainzthrones-construction26.jpg Mainzthrones-construction27.jpg Mainzthrones-construction28.jpg Mainzthrones-construction29.jpg Mainzthrones-construction30.jpg Mainzthrones-construction31.jpg Mainzthrones-construction32.jpg Mainzthrones-construction33.jpg

Construction of one of the individual roses

Mainzthrones-rose1.jpg Mainzthrones-rose2.jpg Mainzthrones-rose3.jpg Mainzthrones-rose4.jpg Mainzthrones-rose5.jpg Mainzthrones-rose6.jpg Mainzthrones-rose7.jpg Mainzthrones-rose8.jpg


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