The Medici's Daughter

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The Medici's Daughter by Lady Briana MacCabe

Written for the Bard of Altavia contest, A.S. XLIX (2014) and dedicated to Her Excellency of Altavia, Mistress Cecilia Medici

In fair Florence, I was born

A child of rumor, a child of scorn

From Lady Catherine's arms, I was torn

Never to be the Medici's daughter

A childhood of sadness was all I knew

And a forced marriage was fated, too

So from her cage this bird did flew

Away from the Medici's daughter

Around the world, I soared in flight

Clothed as a boy, I learned to fight

Steady of hand and keen of sight

So far from the Medici's daughter

Now stronger and wiser to Firenze I return

With a brave, noble husband and lands I have earned

Bring a lesson my false family must learn


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