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*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/regional-traditions/europe-and-north-america/lace-types/limerick-lace| Limerick Lace]</b>, produced in Ireland
*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/regional-traditions/europe-and-north-america/lace-types/limerick-lace| Limerick Lace]</b>, produced in Ireland
*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/techniques/lace-making/needlepoint-lace| Needlepoint Lace] - While it has its origins in earlier styles, it flourished in the 17th century.
*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/techniques/lace-making/needlerun| Needlerun] - An Irish lace style
*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/regional-traditions/europe-and-north-america/lace-types/youghal-lace| Point d'Irlande] - Also called Youghal lace. Also see [https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/regional-traditions/europe-and-north-america/lace-types/kenmare-lace| Kenmare Lace], another Irish lace technique
*<b>[https://trc-leiden.nl/trc-needles/regional-traditions/europe-and-north-america/lace-types/puncetto| Puncetto]
== Non-European Lacemaking ==
== Non-European Lacemaking ==

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A significant component of life in the Current Middle Ages is the study and creation of a wide variety of Arts & Sciences, and in particular, Fiber Arts. One of the wonderful things about this aspect of artistic endeavor is that it serves as a solid bridge between historical periods around the world and the modern era. To that end, the mission of Caid's Order of Arachne's Web is to encourage lacemking using techniques from different times and places, both pre- and post-SCA period.

European Lacemaking

SCA-Period Styles

  • Crocheted Lace
    • Irish crochet
    • Filet crochet
  • Cutwork
    • Broderie anglaise
    • Carrickmacross lace
    • Hedebo
    • Mezzo Punto
    • Punto tagliato
  • Embroidered Lace
  • Knitted Lace
    • Shetland lace
  • Knotted Lace
    • Macramé - An ancient technique that flourished in the 13th-century, the Victorian Era and the 1960s and '70s
    • Tatting
  • Lacis/Filet Lace
  • Needle Lace
  • Tape Lace
  • White Work

Post-SCA Period Styles

  • Jali Lace - Manufactured in India, based on an ornamental carving style. The most well-known example of jali/jaali carving is the Taj Mahal.
  • Needlepoint Lace - While it has its origins in earlier styles, it flourished in the 17th century.

Non-European Lacemaking

SCA-Period Styles

Post-SCA Period Styles

Lacemaking Tools

Lacemaking Resources

Caidan Lacemakers

Lacemakers in Other Kingdoms


General Articles


The following are lace and lacemaking-related articles on Stefan's Florilegium Archives. As with many SCA-period arts, opinions about whether a form is "in period" or not tend to vary.

  • Tatted Lace Includes an almost-complete scan of Elisa Ricci's book Old Italian Lace, published in 1913

Tools and Supplies

Arachne's Guilds in Other Kingdoms