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{{Royals|photo=[[Image:.jpg]]|photocaption=Edward and Mora|king=[[Sven Örfhendur]]|queen=[[Cassandra Zoë Paganel]]|reign#=68 |before=[[Edward_III_and_Mora_III]] |after=[[unknown]]}}  
{{Royals|photo=[[Image:Coronation.jpg|300px]] |photocaption=Sven III and Cassandra|king=[[Sven Örfhendur]]|queen=[[Cassandra Zoë Paganel]]|reign#=68 |before=[[Edward III and Mora III]] |after=[[Patrick II and Kara II]]}}  
== Accomplishments ==
== Accomplishments ==
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===Ladies and Lords in Waiting===
{| {{Tablestyle1}} width="20%"
|align="center" width="20%"|[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|100px]]
THL [[Cecilia Medici]]

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Sven III and Cassandra
Sovereign: Sven Örfhendur
Consort: Cassandra Zoë Paganel
Caid Crown #: 68
Preceded by: Edward III and Mora III
Succeeded by: Patrick II and Kara II




Ladies and Lords in Waiting

Photo needed.jpg

THL Cecilia Medici


Sven Örfhendur Viking

Cassandra Zoë Paganel 16th Century Venetian


Likes & Dislikes

Sven Örfhendur Food Likes: Cheese/pepperoni pizza, grilled cheese, quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, fries, chips (BBQ, Nacho Dorritos, Cheetos), cookies, most plain breads, cheeses and desserts

Cola, water

Dislikes: Everything not listed above

Cassandra Zoë Paganel Food Likes: Fresh fruit and vegetables, all cheeses (extra sharp is delicious!), all meats, white chocolate, dried fruit

Unsweetened iced tea, water

Dislikes: Celery, bell peppers, olives, dill pickles, salmon, grapefruit

Awards and Honors

Awards Given since the most recent OP publication http://royals.sca-caid.org/awards/op.php


More Information