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=== Awards ===
=== Awards ===
* [[Elyn de Hauocmore]] received Lux Caidis
* [[Titus Aurelius]] received Gauntlet of Caid
* [[Anthony de la Mare]] received an Award of Arms
* [[Jon Thomme de Claydon]] received Legion of Courtesy
==Crown Tourney Event Info==  
==Crown Tourney Event Info==  
The Barony of Dreiburgen welcomes the kingdom to Caid's Spring Crown Tourney. Please join us in the selection of Their Royal Majesties' heirs on February 22nd.  
The Barony of Dreiburgen welcomes the kingdom to Caid's Spring Crown Tourney. Please join us in the selection of Their Royal Majesties' heirs on February 22nd.  

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Caid Alcaid and Ladycaid.jpg
Devices for Al Caid and Lady Caid (Prince and Princess of Caid)
Location: Dreiburgen
Rancho Jurupa Park
Jurupa Valley, Ca
Date: 2/22-2/23/2014

Spring Crown Tourney and Privy Council 2014

Event Staff

Stewards: Master Donal O'Brien and Baroness Fionna de Buchanan



Crown Tourney Event Info

The Barony of Dreiburgen welcomes the kingdom to Caid's Spring Crown Tourney. Please join us in the selection of Their Royal Majesties' heirs on February 22nd.

Crown List

Greetings unto the Populace of Caid, This February 22 is Crown Tourney. This time we will be using a slightly different format: crucible style. The crucible style tournament has been used in other Kingdoms in the past and has allowed for a smooth and unquestioned result; it also allows for more participants. Put simply, our crucible style Crown tournament will be broken into two stages. The first stage is open to all authorized fighters with consorts. However, the second stage of the tourney, which is where the next King and Queen will be decided, can only be entered by those fighters and consorts who have submitted a letter of intent which comports with all aspects of Kingdom Law. Stage one is a round robin tourney fought on several fields; the 2 best scoring fighters (most wins) from each of those fields who also have an accepted letter of intent will be moved into a standard double elimination tournament in stage two. Note: per Her Majesty's requests throughout the reign, each fighter and consort intending to hold the throne (and thus fight in stage two) should bring some form of heraldic display such as a banner to be used in their procession. (Crown Tourney is not just a day for the prevailing couple, but also a show for the entire Kingdom. We believe it is important that a reign start with this recognition and some effort to provide a show of pageantry for the populace.)

In Service, Conrad Rex - A'isha Regina

Crucible Entrants

Field Fighters
#1 Count Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi' (cc adv), Sir Urban Cheeseshank, Sir Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha (cc adv), Ketill Olafsson (cc), Benjamin Goodchild, Jacob Halfdanarson, Raynor Boleheude (cc), Marco Solario
#2 Duke Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia, Sir Thorfinnr brimill (cc adv), THL Alexander Aethelwulf (cc adv), THL Courtney of the White Meadow (cc), Sir Njal Grimmsson, THL Alejandro de Nuevo Castillo (cc), Lord Jethro de Calce des Excurtynyx, Felipe de Trujillo
#3 Sir Killian MacTaggart (cc), Sir Niccolo d'Angelo (cc adv), THL Fergal MacCome, THL Úlfr Grímsson, Lord Andsvarr Conradson, Lady Cecilia Dysney, Vigaulfr Ragnarsson, THL Titus Aurelius
#4 Lord Tiberius Finn (cc), Alsander Bardon, THL Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson, Sir Jamal Damien Marcus (cc adv), Steven A Nutt, Sir Arion Hirsch von Schutzhundheim, Sir Ilia Aleksandrovich (cc adv), Duke Sven Örfhendur
#5 Count Angelo Cavelli, Sir Rauokinn eyverska Starradottir, Sir Athanaric Thorismund Sunnus (cc adv), THL Kiena le Blue, THL Randerver Brodmadr (cc), Lord Agrippa Morris (cc adv), Joseph De Montfort, Magnus Brewhouse
#6 Hrodebert von Kamphenhassen, THL Lohengrin von Ulrich, Duke Dietrich von Vogelsang, Sir Artus Quintus (cc adv), Baron Rudolph Fekter (cc), Heinreich Augustine von Heldyen, Sir Valrik MacIan, THL Gunther of Orkney (cc adv), Lord Paul fitz Denis
#7 Lord Bjorn Zenthffeer (cc), Yusuf of Altavia, THL Balian de Bos Blanc, Sir Gamel of Mottrum, THL Ozzur Conradsson (cc adv), Lady Arria Lara, THL Feia Ambur, Sir Kjartan Daegarson (cc adv)
#8 Sir Helgi hrafnfæðir (cc adv), Sir Grim øxarbrjótr (cc adv), Sir Villius, THL Adam MacAndrew (cc), THL Jacques de Fairmont, Vinchenzo Asevedo, Parmenio Bassarion

cc = Crown Contender, adv = Advanced in Crown Lists from the Crucible field

Crown Entrants

  1. Lord Agrippa Morris fighting for Mistress Bridget Lucia Mackenzie
  2. Lord Alexander Hostilius of Caid fighting for Lady Katherine of Hornechurch
  3. Sir Artus Quintus fighting for Mistress Sæunn Egilsdóttir
  4. Sir Athanaric Thorismund Sunnus fighting for Lady Sigrid inn Irski
  5. Sir Grim øxarbrjótr fighting for Lady Sabyna of Aydon
  6. Lord Gunther of Orkney fighting for Countess Luciana Maria Novella Di Carlo
  7. Sir Helgi hrafnfæðir fighting for Dame Thea Gabrielle of Northernridge
  8. Sir Ilia Aleksandrovich fighting for Lady Vitasha Ivanova doch'
  9. Sir Jamal Damien Marcus fighting for Mistress Éowyn Amberdrake
  10. Sir Kjartan Daegarson fighting for Lady Shaia the Gipsie
  11. Count Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi' fighting for Countess Eilidh na Tire Dharigh
  12. Sir Niccolo d'Angelo fighting for Mistress Ciar ingen Dáire
  13. Lord Ozmund Rus fighting for Baroness Elspeth of Stillwater
  14. Sir Þorfinnr brimill fighting for Lady Yamina al-Zahara' bint Hatim
  15. Sir Thorin vorðr Ó Séaghdha fighting for Duchess Faizeh al-Zarqa
  16. Lord Titus Portius Aurelius fighting for Lady Estrith Rasmusdatter


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