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Full Template Markup[edit]
{{Event|photo=[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=Caption Needed|location=[[Isles]]<br />Live Oak Camp|date=5/6 - 5/7/2017}}
{{Event|photo=[[Image:Photo needed.jpg|300px]]|photocaption=Caption Needed|location=Location|date=Date of Event}}
Intro. (i.e., name of event)
Intro. (i.e., name of event)
==Event Staff==  
==Event Staff==  

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Photo needed.jpg
Caption Needed
Location: Isles
Live Oak Camp
Date: 5/6 - 5/7/2017

Intro. (i.e., name of event)

Event Staff

  • Event Steward(s):


  • Brief listing of major points of the day

List of Entrants

  1. Sir Adam Makandro for THL Stæina Hálfdanardóttir
  2. Lord Agis Sagareos for Magdalena Szabados
  3. Sir Alexander Hostilius Caidis and THL Tahira al-Fahida
  4. Lady Arria Cara for THL Raynor Boleheued
  5. THL Bjorn Zenthffeer for THL Róis ni Brian
  6. Sir Brut von Köln for Count Sir Wilhelm Skallagrimsson
  7. THL Courtney of the White Meadow and THL Guene Annwyll
  8. Sir Halldórr Þórhallsson for Lady Eliane Duran
  9. Sir Jamal Damian Marcus for Baroness Éowyn Amberdrake
  10. Sir Ketill Olafsson for Lady Scarlet Sparhauk
  11. Sir Niccolo D’Angelo for Mistress Ciar ingen Dáire
  12. Sir Omar ibn Haroun al-Askari al-Rumi for Lady Katrín Stefánsdóttir
  13. Duke Sir Patrick O’Malley of Ulidia for Duchess Kara the Twin of Kelton
  14. Lord Quintus Aelius Aiax for Lady Fabia Varia
  15. Sir Randvér brotamaðr for Baroness Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
  16. THL Rudolf Fekter and THL Amicia Sennet de Bruges
  17. THL Snorri Snarfari Bjornsson for Lady Cassie Charlesworth
  18. Duke Sir Sven Örfhendur for Dame Ismay of Giggleswick
  19. Sir Skafnir Oakenbear for Lady Una Oakenbear
  20. THL Ursul Vladislavl' pravnuk for Vicountess Wilhelmina de Gothia
  21. Count Sir Wilhelm Skallagrimsson for Sir Brut von Köln
  22. THL William Úlfsson for Baroness Æsa Geiradóttir bláskeggs

From the Crown Prints

Official event announcements sanitized to not involve personal information.


  • Leave your memories here.


Add photos if we have them


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