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Please contact THL [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]] if you have any photos of this event.
If you have any photos from this event, please contact the [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org Wiki Administrator] at [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org wiki@caid-commons.org]
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Renaissance Dinner at Caltech
Location: Angels, The Athenaeum, Caltech, Pasadena
Date: 04/29/1984


Although this event occurred prior to the formal existence of the College of the Voyagers, it occurred at Caltech and included people who eventually became members of Voyagers.

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

Duchess Pays State Visit to Caltech; Renaissance Dinner a Success

As A.S. XVIII drew to a close, a final flare of brilliance lit up the year's end as Catech's Athenaeum held its second Renaissance Dinner; on this occasion, in honor of Duchess Natalya de Foix and her noble guests. It was a particularly happy evening for one young couple, the lord Calvain Pomme du Roi and Lady Elizabeth Tremayne of Silverleaf, whose engagement has been announced, and whose wedding will shortly be celebrated.

Attending upon Her Grace were Baron Conrad von Regensburg, Baron Alewaulfe the Red, lady Jessica of Durynheim, and His Excellency, "Bishop" Don Browning of Caltech, Ambassador Extraordinary.

These aristocratic personages entered the Athenaeum at 7 in the evening on April 27th and although the pre-dinner activities were force indoors by inclement weather, the Athenaeum lounge resounded to the strains of the Willy Nilly Contra Band, and to the clash of arms, courtesy of Lord Francis Burnell of Selkirk and Lord Jared Alexandre Blaydeaux. The last, whose demonstration was somewhat curtailed due to the change of venue, nevertheless gave a "smashing" performance, materially aided by Master Duryn the Red and Her Grace.

Mistress Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg (who also calligraphed the evening's menu) had supervised the six dances done for the company's pleasure, and she was joined by Baron Conrad, Baron Alewaulfe, Master Duryn, lord Calvain, Mistress Lavendar of Lorne, Lady Elizabeth and lady Jessica as they romped through such pieces as Newcastle, Mage on a Cree and the Spagnoletta Nuova. Two very talented jugglers, "Michael the Smith" and "Alan de Louis" (Michael Smith and Ala Liu) drew delighted smiles from the guests as they manipulated clubs, balls and even a plucked chicken (!), and completed their routine by sending their clubs flying within inches of Mistress Lavendar's nose and--er--back.

A sumptuous two-course banquet followed with entertainment provided by a melodious quarter from the Caltech Chamber Singers, the Willy Nilly Contra Band (who played with their usual verve and eclat), and that deadly duo of jugglers. Baron Conrad whose heraldry was characterized by his customary dash and expertise, announced the presentation of Shakespearean scenes, and madrigals after dinner. Her Grace and company were treated to rib-tickling cuttings from A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, and Two Gentlemen of Verona, performed by Lord Gershom ibn Zabara, Lord Sebastian de Grey, Mistress [[Joan of Crawfordsmuir}}, and Mistress Lavendar. The Caltech Chamber Singers brought the evening's amusement to a close by lively renditions of songs by Vecchi, Passereau, Morley, Janequin, and Hindemith.

A sizeable donation to the Kingdom and Crown Prints resulted from this elegant affair, and therefore special thanks are due not only to the Athenaeum's Abel Ramirez and Betty Nickerson, but the following generous and cooperative individuals whose patience, hard work, and amiability would be difficult to surpass: Duke Martin the Temperate, Baron Conrad, Baron Alewaulfe, Master Duryn, Mistress Huette, Mistress Joan, Lord Sebastian de Grey (for Crab!), Lord Gershom, Dr. Don Caldwell and all the Willy Nilly Contra Band, in particular, Lady Ambriel Juliana de Merlys and Robert Orr. The chronicler knows whereof she speaks, for the principal liaison between the SCA and the Athenaeum was

Lavendar of Lorne


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If you have any photos from this event, please contact the Wiki Administrator at wiki@caid-commons.org

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