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April 20, 2009 Pre-Pentathlon Info

Hello Entrants, Pentathlon is this weekend!

We’re looking forward to seeing all your wonderful stuff! The depth and breadth of entries is truly outstanding! I’m just checking in with some reminders and one bit of news.

NEWS: AM ENTRY SET UP ONLY -- All entry set up will between 9am and 10am! There will NOT be an afternoon setup time.



Mulholland Middle School

Entry Check In

Remember that you must be in line to register by 9am Saturday morning. Plan for plenty of travel time to make sure you’re not late! You will start your check in at that the “Entrant Gate” where you pay your site fee and obtain your site token. You will need a site token to have access to the judging rooms between 9am-10am. Then you’ll go to the “Entrant Registration” where you will be handed a packet; this will contain 1) an entry summary sheet; 2) judging forms for each entry; and 3) labels for your items and for your documentation. You will need to check the judging forms and make sure they are correct, and initial and return the summary form.

Please note: Setup starts at 9am BUT you cannot set up your entries before you complete gate and registration, so you’ll want to arrive with time to make it through check in before 9am, otherwise you’ll be cutting into your set up time.

Set Up Helpers

Send us the names (SCA and Legal) of any people who will be helping you set up your entries. We need them by Thursday evening so that we can compile the check in lists.

Remember that you have a limited time to set up all of your entries. If your entry is large, or you have a ton of entries, or you can’t be there for your set up time, you’re allowed to arrange for people to help you with set up. Event staff cannot help with set up.

Helpers must be checked in before they are allowed into the judging area, so make sure they know to arrive in time to register at make it through check in at the “Entrant Gate” before 9am, when morning entry setup starts. Helpers can register after 9am, but they can’t help with set up until they have registered.

Entry Set Up

All non-brewing entries, will be set up between 9am and 10am! There will NOT be an afternoon setup time, thanks to our judging steward’s masterful organization skills. Brewing entries will be set up offsite, see “Special Note for Brewing Entries” below.

Non-Completed Entries

Please, if you know that an entry isn’t going to completed in time for the event, let us know. Many categories only have one entry and we might have a judge driving a long distance to judge that category. The judges appreciate not having to drive that distance only to find that the entry didn’t show!

Things to do at Pentathlon

Bring your friends and family to enjoy the weekend! Highlights include:

Craftsman Village

Visit the village…you never know what you might learn and never, never underestimate what you have to share! Bring your unfinished projects and visit those who share your interest in the Arts and Sciences! We will be hosting costumers, weavers and spinners, wood workers, bubbly dye pots, illuminators and calligraphers, heraldic consultation, metalworkers, brewers, leatherworkers and more!!! Again, this is the place to be if you want to learn a new art or have a skill or knowledge you want to share.

Entry Display

All entries will be on display Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Come check out the many wonderful entries.

Award Court

Their Majesty’s award court is scheduled for 2:30pm Sunday, at which time event winners will be announced.

Info from the confirmation letter

Judging Forms Return

Entrant judging forms will be available on June 6th at Coronation. If you wish to have your forms mailed to you please pay $1.50 at registration, which will cover the cost of postage and a regulation size envelope.

Entry Display

All non-culinary and non-brewing entries must remain on display until after the close of court on Sunday! If you cannot stay, then you must make arrangements for someone else (NOT the Autocrat or Staff) to transport your items. Any item removed early will not be scored or awarded. Any items left longer than one hour after the close of court on Sunday will be considered donations to the next Kingdom Arts auction.

Special Note for Performers

You'll need to check in at the Registration Desk between 8am and 9am Saturday morning, then check in at your performance room at least 15 minutes before your performance time.

Special Note for Culinary Entries

All culinary entries must be on display. If necessary and desirable for health reasons, two versions of a dish may be provided. One should be a display version and the other should be for the judges to sample. The latter may be kept in a cooler or heated container clearly marked with entry number for identification. No refrigeration or heating facilities will be provided - bring what will be needed, including container and serving utensils. All culinary entries must be removed from site by 5p.m. on Saturday, April 25.

Special Note for Brewing Entries

Brewing is being judged offsite at a house near the event site. Saturday morning entrants need to check in between 8am and 9am, they'll have between 9am and 10am to set up non-brewing entries in the judging rooms. Setting up brewing entries: Brewing entrants will gather at the Registration Desk for a carpool to the brewing judging site where they'll have 20 minutes to set up their entries. Picking up brewing entries: At 5pm brewing entrants gather at the Registration Desk for a carpool to the brewing judging site to pick up their entries.

Brewing entries MUST be kept in cars while on the school campus! Do not share your brewing entries while on campus.

General Info

No alcohol is allowed on site.

No live steel on site (only entries allowed)

Entry check-in is between 8 - 9 a.m. You must be checked is by 9 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS

All entries must be setup during their assigned setup times (9am to 10am or 1pm to 2pm) NO EXCEPTIONS


-=- Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios, Pentathlon Entry Steward