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[[Image:Caidarms colour.png|right|450px|Caid Arms‎]]
[[Image:Caidarms colour.png|right|350px|Caid Arms‎]]
'''Welcome to ''Compendium Caidis'' (aka the Caid wiki)'''  
'''Welcome to ''Compendium Caidis'' (aka the Caid wiki)'''  

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Caid Arms‎

Welcome to Compendium Caidis (aka the Caid wiki)

This site displays knowledge gained from every facet of Caidan and SCA life; however, it is not an official publication. While we do our best to make sure everything on this site is up to date and mirrors how things work, errors can creep in. When conflicting information appears, priority is always given to the original documents (Kingdom law, Officer Web sites, The official Order of Precedence, etc.). That being said, we hope you find this as fun as we do!

For information on how to edit this wiki visit Help:Editing.



New Users

If you want to "get involved", follow the steps at Help:New Users in order to become a commenting member of Compendium Caidis, and share your knowledge.

Or if all you're interested in is updating the wiki page about you, we reccommend using the Persona Submission Form on www.sca-caid.org. Use this form to submit your information and a wiki editor will be glad to assist you.

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If you would prefer to have your persona name and/or likeness removed from Compendium Caidis, contact the site administrator at wiki@caid-commons.org.