Lyondemere: In the Beginning

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On March 5, 1975, there was a meeting in Long Beach, at a house only a few blocks away from the Park wherein Baron Jon Thomme de Claydon and Baroness Eva filia Edeneweyn were invested in 2009. It was the home of the mother of Ari ben Abraham and Mouice Negra.

We all talked about whether there needed to be a canton of Angels for the South Bay area of Los Angeles. We agreed that there did, because the Angels Council meeting was hours away, and hard for us to get to after work. The 405 Freeway pretty much defined the road for our travels, and for the canton.

What would be the name? The ocean is a clear influence, so we thought of the historical / mythical drowned land of Lyonesse. So we agreed on that. This was submitted to the heralds, but did not pass Kingdom, and so the second try was Lyondemere. This is basically French for Lion-of-the-sea.

I believe we even identified the three main officers then, but I don't recall who agreed to be seneschal.

Founding Members / Original

This list is likely incomplete, and hope others can fill in the gaps. These are in alphabetical order by first name:

This is as remembered imperfectly by Éowyn Amberdrake (with addition by Natalya de Foix.

At the time, the Angels Baronial Council meetings were held in Pasadena at the home of Baron Piers Howells de Cambria and Baroness [Ximena Aubel de Cambria]], and even back then, the 405 was a major driving challenge. (Updated 10/16/2014 by Natalya)

From The Crown Prints (July 1975)

On March 5, there was a meeting at House Negra-Khan to establish a new canton. It was decided to encompass the lands within 10 miles of the seashore & reach from Long Beach to Santa Monica. The first meeting decided little more than that. However, from there the canton went on to become very active in short order.

The name, Lyonesse, was suggested by Morven of Carrick & adopted. The canton managed to get approval from the City of Carson Parks & Recreation Dept. to have events in their parks--no mean feat--& so successful was their first tourney that the City of Carson has invited the SCA to join in a Bi-Centennial parade next February.

Lyonesse has thrown itself into plans for many activities, among which will be car-pooing to other events, fencing demonstrations, an arts & crafts faire, assistance in costume fittings in exchange for services, and other tourneys, of course.

(See 1st Canton Tournament 1975 for more details)