Eanswyth de Burthoswald

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Elinore lura.jpg
Elinore and Eanswyth (then Audrey)
Resides: Calafia
Status: Inactive
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
Per fess embattled AZ and AR, 2 crosses bottony AR and a raven SA

Lady Eanswyth de Burthoswald is married to Theodric FitzRichard. She is the daughter of Mistress Elinore Windemere of the Moors, and sister of Mistress Ygraine o Gaerllion Fawr. She joined the SCA in 1977 in the Barony of Calafia.


  • Previously known as Audrey McAlise of Roselindale and Lura Maureen of Burthoswald.

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