Jane de Sealynn

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Resides: Al-Sahid
Status: Active
Awards: Visit the Caid Order of Precedence
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The Honorable Lady Jane de Sealynn resides in the Shire of Al-Sahid with her husband Lord Katayama Tarou Hiromoto and their children. Also known by the registered alternate name, Grima masi.


1508 – I was 21, single in King Henry’s court. I was a French Irish noble lady. My father and ranking Officer in the English Navy (he was Irish) met my mother in Normandy and they got married against her parent’s wishes. My mother died in child birth and my father brought me back to England where I grew up. My father thought an education was very important so I was taught to read, write, math, and speak several languages. While I was single I usually stayed in Families country estates to stay away from the king since I did not feel I liked his wondering eye. I also married an English officer of noble rank and had many children.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff

Classes Taught



  • Youth Combat
  • Costuming
  • Chainmail
  • Marshalling


Sir Armand and Duchess Diana


  • I was also in the Green Wood Singers (Gyldenholt’s group) and we sang at the re-opening of the Sheik Spears Theater in San Diego.