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If you have any photos from this event, please contact THL [[Valdis Isbrandsdottir]]
If you have any photos from this event, please contact the [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org Wiki Administrator] at [mailto:wiki@caid-commons.org wiki@caid-commons.org]

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House of the Voyagers 2nd May Day Tourney
Location: Angels
Tournament Park, Pasadena
Date: 05/2/1987

Event Staff

From the Crown Prints

On Saturday, May 2nd, the House of the Voyagers is again hosting a May Day Tournament & Revel. Our site is Tournament Park at Caltech. The field is located behind the Caltech Athletic Fields and Gym; go to the back of the parking lot and look for a little gate. There is also parking at the Wilson Street end of the park. The park is somewhat small, so anyone planning to bring pavillions should check with the autocrats. First consideration will be given to the Royal, baronial, and other group pavillions, and to authentic encampments. There is also ample shade available.

Schedule for the Day

  • 8:30am Set-up
  • 9:00am Lists open (heavy weapons)
  • 10:00am Opening Court. Lists close 1/2 hr after Opening Court. Closing court will occur after the fighting and before dark
  • 5:30pm Hall opens
  • 7:00pm Banquet begins
  • Midnight Hall closes


  • Bardic Competition
  • Juggling ("Most Balls" and "Keeping Them Up")
  • On-site Embroidery
  • The Infamous Body Looting Contest (ask someone who was there last year. . .)

There will also be Maypole dancing, as well as our popular Turkey Legs and Bottomless Cup of Lemonade lunch for a modest fee.

Banquet & Revel Potluck dinner contributions are by mundane last name. Please bring a dish to feet 4-6:

  • A-F Breads & Spreads, or Cheese
  • G-L Vegetables or Salads
  • M-R Fruits or Dessert
  • S-Z Main Dish

Please bring your own table settings & beverages. The hall fee is $2.00 per person. There will be madrigal performances by the Occasional Consort, and dancing for all. The Bardic Competition and On-Site Embroidery will be judged at the revel.

Restaurant maps will also be available.

From the Crown

His Majesty, Avery, requests the presence of all Commanders and Sub-Commanders at the Voyagers May Day Tourney in Angels (May 2nd) to discuss and plan the Caidan field organization and training. The meeting will take place during the lunch break. Commanders and Sub-Commanders should bring their own lunch, or take advantage of the Turkey Leg and Bottomless Cup of Lemonade Lunch provided at the tourney.


  • Leave your memories here.


If you have any photos from this event, please contact the Wiki Administrator at wiki@caid-commons.org

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